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  1. Couple people removed couple people added Slava Legion
  2. @Grey 24 hours to meet the group requirements otherwise this will be locked
  3. WongRP

    Clan: Instinct

    Hello @IkA 24 hours to meet group requirements otherwise this will be moved to archived.
  4. Roster Updated: Promotions as followed Military Tribunes: @Phoenyxx Caine | PhoenyxxRP (Home operations) @Rickets (Field Operations) Primus Pilis: @TurkRP Centurion: @Jet | ItsChocolateMan @Roy "Hutch" Hutchinson | RiZ @Oiram to the power of 3
  5. I like this. Good luck getting the members
  6. Welcome mhm, Pizza and Chocolate man Welcome back: PepRP and LumenRP Recruitment is Closed
  7. It's part of the game, just because it's a modded server we play it for added experience not because we want a fully changed game. I like the different survival aspects and having to carry clothing and such that will protect me from the weather.
  8. Accepted make a ticket on the mtas discord to get your clan rooms set up
  9. On hold till 4 active members.
  10. Welcome hAwkzyyRP, TurkRP, ChaseRP, ButterToast and S8tanity
  11. I dig it, make a ticket in our discord to get your clan channels set up Approved
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