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  1. Hacksaw cost 40k and it is one-time use. It is too expensive like that. It would be better that the hacksaw cost like 40-50k but it can repaired or then change the cost to like 3-4k and make it one-time use. There is no sense to even use hacksaw now. It is useless.
  2. Ok. I was just little bit mistrustful but good to know that there wasn't anything wrong 👍
  3. In-game Name dKi_ Name of the player(s) you are reporting Date of the event 07/19/2019 Time of the event 15.55-16.07 Which platform did this event take place on MTAS Autumn Who was involved in this event? no one Please provide any available details regarding the event Someones try to raid your base and I shot 2 guys and after that I didn't h
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