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  1. Scarlett

    medical attention mod removal

    We will do some more testing and change some settings. Let us know what you guys think tomorrow 🙂
  2. Scarlett

    all the cars and stuff despwon after the restart

    Request Accepted
  3. Scarlett

    Compensation Requests - Zazu

    Hello there, I apologise that you guys are having a hard time with cars on the server. The car can fix its self and again be unlocked with a key after a server restart so I'm hoping this will happen for you. We do not compensate for cars on the server as when you buy them there is a warning regarding this. If you have any evidence video or screenshots of the contents of the car I would be happy to refund you the items. Scarlett
  4. Scarlett

    Compensation Requests - ByFeeW

    This request was accepted due to repeated raids with garden plots on this clan and the fact I had seen the items yesterday at their base myself.
  5. Scarlett

    Thank you for helping Us Overlone wolf (moderator)

    Thank you for the feedback, he's doing a great job 🙂
  6. Thank you for your suggestion but for now our servers are EU based. This might be something we will look at in the future :)
  7. I will accept this in this case. I will talk to you in the ticket.
  8. Scarlett

    Help us dress our trader.

    This poor soul has no clothes on. Please dress your character and send a screenshot with whatever clothes and items you think would be fitting for this guy. After Christmas, we will do a vote on which ones we like the best and then you guys will get to pick 1 out of 3 and the winner will receive a car and outfit of his/her choosing. Have fun and show us your best outfits! Merry Christmas ❤️
  9. Scarlett

    Basebuilding Plus Guides

    Below you will find some links that will help you understand and use BaseBuildingPlus to its full advantage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xVMXSz1S4A https://github.com/FelixForesight2020/BaseBuildingPlus/wiki How to use the Solar Panel : Step 1. Place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight. Step 2. Attach the wire to a Truck battery, and attach that to the Solar Panel. Step 3. Attach a 4plug socket to the Solar Panel. (This will be used to transfer power from the Solar Panel to a convenient location for you to attach other things) Step 4. With the 4plug socket attached walk to your desired connection hub & place the 4plug socket down. Step 5. Connect a Cable Reel to the 4plug socket and attach it to whatever electrical device of your choosing. Step 6. Turn on both the electrical device of your choosing and the Solar Panel. Enjoy having power. The truck battery seems to act as a catalyst to allow the Solar Panel to produce power while the sun is down. The solar panel should (I haven't tested to confirm) charge the Truck Battery during the day. You can turn off the Solar Panel to cut the power to all the electronics at once. (Great for if you've got a lot of lighting attached to 1 solar panel) Example. I have 2 4plug sockets attached to my solar panel. 1 of the 4plug sockets is connected to my 3 spotlights for my watchtower. the other 4plug socket is connected to my compound lights. at night, I go to my Solar Panel and turn it on... turning on all 7 of my spotlights. There are other ways to use the Solar Panel, this is just the best that I've found.
  10. Scarlett

    Baseraiding improvements

    People spend weeks perfecting their bases, we do not believe it should be so easy for one player to wipe groups progress on a whim. We want to encourage you to get together with groups and plan your raiding. The breaching charges are now fully working on all servers. Thank you for your suggestion, but there will be no changes made at this time. Scarlett
  11. This is something that is already in progress 🙂 Thank you for your suggestion 🙂
  12. Scarlett

    more inventory space?

    At the moment we believe with extra inventory given by the likes of belts and vests this is ample for our servers at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to put forward your suggestion and I will archive this for future 🙂
  13. Scarlett


    I did edit the food and drink settings slightly so it should be slightly easier to survive. Just also remember to look for apples, pears, chickens and you can also fish for food if you're really in a bind. 🙂
  14. Scarlett

    Pick up, nothing important

    did you get a lift, I have to know? 🤣
  15. Scarlett

    Alredu has arrived

    Welcome to the community dude, lovely to have you here and I hope you enjoy it here as much as we do 🙂