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  1. It’s not that it’s hard it just takes more time time and ruins the experience as your going to kill yourself anyway
  2. Yes but only at trader as if people are hiding it could give away their position
  3. Would love this implemented, great idea!
  4. When inside the trader theft is an ongoing issue as staff logs lack in that area. Yes people get compensation but players who do the theft get away with the items and walk away freely. I feel some sort of name tag above all players when in the trader would help dissolve this issue and deter thief's from stealing. It would also make it easier to locate the culprit.
  5. InGame Name: Chri5Discord Name: crispy#2277Preferred Role (Guard/Prisoner/TeamWatchdog): PrisonerWho's your favorite admin: AKAHamez/Rickets/Onion Why is it Onion: Because if it wasn't i wouldn't get to play 🙂
  6. I only agree with knife as I feel having food and things ruins the survival aspect
  7. When spawning in MTAS i feel the staff want you to embark on a mystery journey that can take you anywhere. I feel this as you only spawn in with vanilla items and vanilla spawns. On writing i believe having some sort of weapon to kill yourself with would be great as i'm not quite sure but i feel this server wants you to take off from where you start and that's great and all for some but for others they may want to meet friends quicker and or don't have much time to play. As this only postpones the situation and people find other ways to kill them self taking more time, effort and enjoyment away from the game.
  8. At writing a lot players are unaware of the forum as seen by comparing Discord numbers to Forum numbers. I have personally spoken to some people on VC and found out that some don't see the point in making a forum as it is "a waste of time." I feel implementing a small one time welcome bonus consisting of 500-1000 rubles or something like that. I feel this would attract more people to the forums increasing the amount of posts further helping develop the server. Also i feel awards on the forum should be given as people just sign up as it is a sense of encouragement and excitement getting people to do more for awards.
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