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  1. Hello, Could we add some sort of announcement section in regards to patch and updates. Of course we can all read the latest updates. But it would be great to know the effect on the modded server. What will be retained or left out of the updates from Bohemia . Also with the server being so modded a list of the Mods and there features might be of use. For example there are items that can be crafted that players are not aware of. I know silly request but I feel that if the knowledge is freely available there will be less questions and tickets raised for the Admins to trawl thru. Regards Reg
  2. Welcome fella. you will fir right in with the other inmates
  3. Reg


    Must admit a sawed off musket is fun to surprise campers with.
  4. Reg

    Additional trader

    There are a few Light houses that have garage structures at there base. Be pretty easy to make a safe zone as there on a spit of land jutting out to sea.
  5. I will see if there is a way of tracking structures or creating a reporting page so that the admins can quickly remove old bases. Its handy if a Player can call a admin to remove a base if they have decided to completely abandon it. Really wish we could nail a eviction notice on the Fences 🙂
  6. Reg

    New Zombies including Bloodsuckers!

    I was with Mylo testing these beasts. They take a awful amount of ammo to dispatch. Should they be implemented on the server fully I Can see lots of scared bunny hiding in there bases.
  7. I guess that will also include the times they drop the ball or upset a player that demands a refund because they died to the game. Good idea tho. Should help keep people honhest
  8. Reg

    Banking Mod

    Good idea. To many millionaires running around as it is.
  9. Reg


    What kind of double barreled shot gun? Is there a reason you do not like the Pump Actions?
  10. Have you tried just buying a canteen of water. Fairly cheap and easy solution. Im sure the Server goblins will look into the problem. In the mean time it would not break the bank to buy a few canteens.
  11. Reg

    New player basic's

    Using YouTube Mylo's new video was as normal very well presented and entertaining please see the post bellow after watching. I have decided to watch the latest video in a more analytical manner to see what can be learned from it. Concentrating on the first action centered around the Airfield. My Opinion's only guy's, Please comment with things I may of missed or are happy and blissfully unaware of. Recon At the start we see Mylo and the Mosin Nagant observing the new N/E airfield. Notice he quickly spotted the targets at the Airfield as they failed to move from cover to cover presenting a clear dark fast moving shape. These will now be designated Perp 1 & 2 Had the players used the abundant foliage there presence could of gone unnoticed. Tactical advance to battle So Mylo now has a general idea of the number of players in the vicinity of the Airfield. Also a last known location. Now as he is working alone aka Lone wolfing, He needed to approach in such a away as to be unseen so as to preserve his element of surprise. You can see from the footage he is some what methodical in his approach. Despite the long distance he does not run threw the open fields to close the distance quickly. Instead he selects a line that is nearly all in cover to allow him to get within effective range of his rifle and scope combination. A more modern rifle in a larger caliber would of course allow for a more stand off engagement. Combat action 1 So Mylo is in a prone position observing the large Concrete area. He has cover from the trees above and to his sides. Being in a prone position severely limits some one casually spotting your shape in the grass and undergrowth. After acquiring the target moving towards the barracks he fires. Notice he lead the target and aimed center mass. His position of concealment was not blown as non of the Perp's had eyes on where the shot had come from. Correctly he remained in concealment. Perp 1 makes the fatal error of not peeping from cover to see where the shot had come from. Instead he crouches and starts to do a long slow scope look across the terrain. This confidence is most lightly from hunting new players that were of less a threat. Of course that was a fatal error in this case. Flanking As commented in the video Mylo had already selected his flanking maneuver using the rock Canyon Proceeding thru the heavy wooded Canyon in a crouch stance so as to limit his noise and silhouette and in a stealthy manner. Mylo come to the end of the Canyon and stop's in heavy foliage to observe the open concrete area between the hangers. Perp 2 was aware that he had lost his partner Perp 1 to what sounded like a Mosin ( The sounds are distinctive.) The sound was in the Northern area near the end of the concrete hard standing. He started to retreat in a southern direction. Unaware that Mylo was now far more south western of the original shots sound location. Combat action 2 Mylo take up a concealed firing position in the heavy tree foliage. While scanning the area notice him varying the zoom on the scope to get a better field of view, Zooming in to much can lead to you missing movement to the sides of the focal point. I believe when he was scoping the tree's that Perp 2 was hidden until one of 2 things came into play. Firstly Perp 2 made a sudden shift in position by taking a couple of steps forward so as to clear his line of sight. Movement catches your eye. The tree's branches were probably blocking his line of sight. And secondly his oh so cool face mask with scary white decals became pronounced against the dark tree's leaves. Essentially highlighted. Mylo takes the shot and drops Perp 2 He then does not advance to the downed corps he retreats in to the heavy cover to his rear. Moving with speed he takes a long clock wise flank using the ample cover of the canyon and tree's both in it and on its outer boarders. This is important, a lot of players die as they get fixated on grabbing loot. Bodies do not evaporate so quickly as to require a suicidal run over open ground. Lots of writing for what is only a couple of minutes of action, but the lesson that can be gleamed are straight forward and can be put into practice. Hunting fresh spawns is bad for your health Observe and Plan Approach from cover Use the environment Don't miss your shots, take your time in approaching the dead bodies I listed a few points here, I would be interested in reading what others see in the first combat action. Please dont forget to like subscribe and hit that bell notification for more Mylo Videos ( gonna get props for the marketing department)
  12. Reg

    S.O.F | Special Operation Forces

    Sounds good who do I speak to?
  13. Reg


    if I could skin players and use there hides for a swanky rug I would be all over it. But no Floors I think is a good idea. Roof's might be a good idea with the up coming 1.5 Vaulting
  14. Reg

    New player basic's

    Moving aka getting places The Dayz world is large and spread out. The necessitated traveling large distance to reach the required locations , weather that be to trade /camp/search for Items. To travel safety you have to be aware of a few things and pay attention to your surrounding terrain. I will attempt to keep this brief as my previous posts are some what long winded. Use the ground to your advantage. (ditches and natural terrain can break line of sight masking your course and vector) Stay in cover when ever possible ( Use forest areas to cover ground between towns) Open ground is dangerous Peek out of windows and around corners ( Do not stand there admiring Mylo's creation as your going be spotted) Different ground and buildings can make very noisy steps. ( the bushes can rustle quiet loud as can train tracks.) learn to be quiet Sprinting can aid in moving a great distance or covering a open field, but a fast moving thing in a tree line catches your eye more than a slow moving shape that blends Standing on top of rocks can give a great vantage point but makes you very visible at a long range. ( Crouch or lay down) Jumping off rocks or other structures will result in injury's( Be careful at night running thru the woods) Running injured you are slower and your character will moan and make a lot of noise (if your seen limping they know your slower and easy to kill) Crossing open ground try to change course or zig zag in a random manner (Make that sniper work for the kill) Water is not only very noisy but also a known location to most players ( you just announced your location) Choose clothing that help break up your outline (Military clothing hides you more than those sassy purple shorts ) Its worth mentioning the time of day. As its gets darker it becomes very hard to navigate, I will not use a torch or light source at night. To do so is to scream look at me I do not have Night vision goggles. There are predators out there that love to hunt those less geared. When the sun starts to rise the people still using NVG start to have less depth perception. This only last a short while before they take them off and notice the sun is on the rise. The hours of twilight in the morning and afternoon mess with everybody's depth perception. You will be looking at bushes thinking I swear that's a person and running straight past a player in his best Bush Wookie out fit. No amount of reading can make up for doing it and finding out first hand.