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  1. Good work @MyloTheAverageSniper and @Scarlett! This is a great update! However; i thought the tactical V2 ballistic rocket trucks and the AI controlled AC130 attack plane where both coming on this update?
  2. NATO TEAM FULL! CHERNORUSSIAN TEAM FULL! RP/PVP EVENT TONIGHT @ 7PM (BST) ON "MTAS EVENT SERVER": STORY A SAS Helicopter containing a VIP holding 250k Rubles has gone down in Bash. Everyone died on impact apart from the HVT and 2 of his Body Guards. They have NO Radio contact, have no idea where they are, but are awaiting for the Local NATO Base to send rescue and assist them in completing their mission. At the beginning of the event, you will be Teleported to your team trader, given 15 minutes, an armband and 20k to gear up however you see fit. Remember food and water!
  3. Hi Dan, Thank you for this. I will look into this today for you. Regards, Onion ❤️ Edit: Resolved
  4. Hi Tych, That is a good idea. However one that is already implemented on the front page of the website. Also, there are plenty of warnings in-game about restarts etc. Also, when joining through DZSALauncher you can see server status there also. I believe having one on discord could slightly be a little much overkill. Unless you can think of any other benefits for it? Regards Onion ❤️
  5. To help balance the VSSK, we will be removing the VSSK Mags from the game. This means that you will have to manually chamber the next round after each shot. This will massively decrease the rate of fire, and means that after every shot the target has a chance to relocate whilst the shooter is unzoomed.
  6. Can confirm there is a "clean-up". I believe it is timed to every 15 minutes. It clears dead players, zombies & animals among other misc entities. Loot stays on the ground until it is no longer within a players "bubble".
  7. Friday 5th July 2019 @ 8pm GMT 15-20 British Citizens have been arrested in Chernaurus as the Government suspect that one of them is a Spy. 5 less Guards (10-15) will be responsible for finding out who the Spy is. Whilst the prisoners and Spy are looking for a means of escape. This is a Role Play event expected to last for a couple of hours. There will be cells allocated for each prisoner. With yard time, dinner time, individual interrogation time, being locked in cells, it is meant to emulate the harsh environment that would be Prison Island. I will also need 3 or 4 p
  8. @RisingHERO19, firstly; you are allowed to store a bag inside the box. As long as there are no further levels of storage within that bag. Examples: Box -> (in box) Backpack and medical supplies and food -> (in bag) SCAR & ammo with a canteen. FINE Box -> (in box) Backpack and medical supplies and food -> (in bag) 2nd box and canteen -> (in 2nd box) SCAR & ammo. BANNABLE Secondly; please refrain from posting replying to a report that you have not be called into. Thanks and regards, Onion
  9. @ApexNetwork Yes, but the option for this to be automatically on for your own posts is what I mean.
  10. Automatically follow posts you create, so that you get the notifications for replies.
  11. Do what I do. Get simple civilian gear from the south. Hide in the densely wooded areas. Get massively lost and lose where your tent and supplies are. Roam around pointlessly for an hour or so. Get shot in the face from 500 meters away. Tell the game to "fuck off", say to yourself that you're done with this piece of shit game and swear you'll never play again. Press "Respawn". Repeat. With love, Onion
  12. As seen in the rules found at; https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/rules.html When it come to 'Stashes', what are the rules, 1.1 & 2.4 (as seen below) seem to contradict one another, and I am very easily confused! 1.1 | -No bases or building within 500m of traders.(Stashes are fine). 2.4 | - No building within 500m of any trader, this includes stashes.
  13. PKP - Low recoil, monster caliber, can cook bacon on overheated barrel after use. Not great at CQC however... so that's why I carry these...
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