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  1. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Discord link dosn't work

    Mu apologies for this, I will work on fixing it πŸ˜„ Here is a link that will work https://discord.gg/AkcWMH3
  2. MyloTheAverageSniper

    fan boy lol

    Welcome to DayZ and the MTAS Community 😁
  3. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    Thanks mate πŸ˜„
  4. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    Currently, there are alot of different loot rewards for each mission, randomly picked. It usually consists of some form of create or package left, that you're given instructions to find. Usually containing something like a good gun, with ammo, mags and attachments. But there will be alot of other goodies coming soon πŸ˜„
  5. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Remove the crosshair

    Should we remove the cross hair on the servers?
  6. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    Thanks mate, it's still in BETA but should be good on the servers none the less πŸ˜‰
  7. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    DayZ Missions Update Hello everyone, Today I have a big announcement for the PVP and PVE players. After a lot of time, work and research, I have fully implemented missions on the MTAS Playground Servers. These missions are fully server side, meaning no mods are needed to be downloaded or used to see them. A missions will be available around about every hour. Much like Airdrops, these missions will be available for every player on the server, not specific to yourself. In order to gain access to mission announcements, you need some form of radio tuned in to frequency 99.7, turned on, inside your inventory. Now, while the missions will be left a mystery they consist of a notification of a location you need to get to, something you need to find in that area, a task to complete with the area and sometimes a location or second part to the mission you need to complete. Keep in mind, every person on the frequency will get the same mission, and will receive notification of when someone completes a part of the mission. Currently there are 10 different missions, but 350 different variations of those missions. While this is working very well on my tests, it is still in alpha and will need to be tested and built upon. I hope you guys enjoy these missions and all feedback is welcome πŸ˜„ Remember to keep a radio on you, on 99.7 at all times to get mission announcements πŸ˜„ (Currently not on Livonia, but will be soon) Additional Notes You can now write on paper using pens to make notes, these notes are persistent and can be read by other players. Please be aware miss-using notes can and will result in a ban. All notes, user and message are logged server side permanently.
  8. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    Everyone wants the magnum back in, but we have to wait for DayZ to bring it back in or give us access to animation tools. I do like the idea of a MSR...
  9. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Up bleed time

    This Is something we could do. I will look into it 😁
  10. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    Fore grips wont work until we get custom animations. Lasers dont really work on the DayZ Engine. I have some tac lights and a micro T1 in the pipeline. 😁
  11. MyloTheAverageSniper

    This Mod is Needed!!!!!

    We had this mod for a long time, it was causing alot of lag and server issues. I will have a look and see if it is worth it now πŸ™‚
  12. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    The M1-9 on the server is a riffle that takes pistol mags, but I think it's 9MM. I will look into some .22 guns πŸ˜„
  13. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    I will look for a model that will work now πŸ˜„
  14. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    If we get access to custom animations, or the repeater animations come in, I will put it in, just for you πŸ˜‰
  15. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    Hello everyone, In this update / showcase we have a massive thing to bring you guys! At the minute, it is small. But with time this server pack will be massive... If you have any suggestions for guns, items, clothes or anything else you want to see ingame, make sure to reply to this topic down below with images, information and ideas. M82A1 First we have the M82A1, this is a very similar gun to the M82. Taking the same mags, ammo and optics. The difference being, this one can take a suppressor... PB First we have the PB, a integrated silencer makarov based Russian pistol. It takes IJ70 mags and .380 Ammo. Beowulf 50 Next we have the Beowulf 50. It's an AR base, 50 cal DMR. Taking nato attachments, .50 beowulf ammo and 7rnd mags. Trijicon ACOG Lastly, we have a new ACOG. Featuring a built-in MRDS and a 4x scope and cheaper than the older HAMR. Remember if you have any suggestions for guns, items, clothes or anything else you want to see ingame, make sure to reply to this topic down below with images, information and ideas.