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  1. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Vehicle Keys

    Vehicle Key Update I am planning and have worked on a new system for vehicle keys. This system allows you to: Grind duplicate keys for yourself, for free. Make keys for your vehicles at grindstones for free You can make a key for a found / spawned vehicles and make it so you can lock and unlock the found vehicle. Add tags to your keys. Break into peoples cars using a very expensive / hard to find item. This takes alot of time, and there is a small chance that the tool will break before you get into their car. If you have lost your car key, you can break into it and assign it a new key. This would combat the amount of ditched vehicles and also make people much less likely to grief found locked vehicles as before all you could do with a locked vehicle is grief it, now you can try and break into it. The downside is this update would break all current locked vehicles and they would need to be compensated as a fresh vehicle, with a new assigned key by an admin. Please let me know your ideas on this update, thank you.
  2. MyloTheAverageSniper

    medical attention mod removal

    It has been tested, scarlett and I are still testing it. Jumping from 2 stories, is fine... Jumping from anything higher than that, most of the time breaks your legs, as it should
  3. MyloTheAverageSniper

    medical attention mod removal

    I don't believe players have even given it a go yet. It has been on the server for an hour or so. Players have broken their legs, due to the parameter not being set right yet, and want it gone.
  4. MyloTheAverageSniper

    medical attention mod removal

    If you guys read the announcement, you know know that there is no such thing as sleeping in this. I did not want this on the server, so I disabled it. As for everything else in the mod, and the mod itself, are staying. Yet again, if you read the announcement, you would see that is states 'Broken legs are buggy right now, working on perfecting it, this will be sorted in a day or so of testing.' Please read the update notes before running to the forums to petition the removal of a new thing in the server.
  5. MyloTheAverageSniper


    We used to have Lightsabers as a meme item to piss around with... The mod was taken off the workshop and I don't think we will add them back anytime soon 🙂
  6. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Medical Attention

    Medical Attention Surviving on MTAS is going to get a lot harder... And the way you play is going to need to change. Bringing back and building upon a lot of removed features of DayZ, we bring you... Medical Attention. Below is a brief description and a little bit of information of what is being implemented... Immunity Immunity is calculated using all four stats... your fluid, food, blood and health levels all work together to determine your immunity level. Your immunity level is pivotal to determining your disease level for many conditions, so it is best to maintain all levels as high as you are able. Some conditions may even wear off on their own if your immunity is high or greater. Cholera Cholera is contracted by drinking from dirty water sources or drinking with bloody/dirty hands. Symptoms: Vomiting when eating. Only your stomach is emptied, and there is no fluid loss or dehydration. The chances of vomiting is increased in the later stages of this disease. Treatment: Eating in small quantities will lessen the chance of vomiting, and antibiotics will cure this condition. Salmonella Salmonella can be contracted from eating raw meat or from being hit by zombies (if your immunity level is below high). Symptoms: Vomiting from time to time regardless of food/fluid intake, and considerable dehydration. In later stages vomiting will increase and dehydration will become a major threat to life. Treatment: Prevention is your best course of action, keep your food, fluids, and immunity levels high. However, if you are struck down with this condition, vitamins will temporarily boost your immunity, stopping the evolution of the disease, and enable it to abate. Remember, antibiotics will not aid you, but charcoal will cure this condition, and saline will help with extreme fluid loss. Wound Infection Be advised that using normal rags on a bleeding wound has a chance of causing a wound infection. Symptoms: Fever (blurred vision and constant water loss). Treatment: Antibiotics or prevention...clean rags with alcohol or use sterile bandages. Caution: Wound infections are more resistant to treatment than any other condition. You may require a course of multiple pills, however precise timing with dosing is required, waiting for the completion of the previous pill and dosing immediately after is the correct treatment plan. Cold and/or Influenza Common colds and flu can be contracted by enduring body temperature levels below normal for over 20 minutes. Symptoms: The sneezing of a common cold will evolve to a cough and a fever (highlighted by blurred vision and constant water loss) if left untreated. Treatment: Prevention with a high immunity is your best course of action. However, if you are struck down with this condition, vitamins will temporarily boost your immunity thereby stopping the evolution of the disease and will enable it to abate. Antibiotics will also cure this condition. And remember, wearing masks can prevent the spread of this disease. Broken Legs Fracture of leg bones can happen when falling from a height or taking damage from heavy melee attacks to the legs, high caliber bullets, explosions or bear traps. Symptoms: Unable to sprint and falling prone very often. Treatment: bones will heal by themselves in about 15 minutes. Injecting Morphine will prevent going prone and allow normal walking for 1 minute. Crafting and applying a splint will also allow walking normally for a longer period of time until the bones are completely healed. However there is no treatment that will allow full sprinting with fracture. Broken legs are buggy right now, working on perfecting it, this will be sorted in a day or so of testing. Broken Arms Fracture of arm bones can happen when taking damage from heavy melee attacks to the arms, high caliber bullets or explosions. Optionally, blocking zombie hits will have a chance to break the arms. Symptoms: Shaking hands when aiming with a gun. Treatment: bones will heal by themselves in about 10 minutes. Injecting Morphine or consuming pain killers will temporary remove the shaking symptom. Applying splint has no effect for arms. Helpful Hints Do not waste your medication ...taking multiple pills of the same type at the same time does not work, it is recommended that you wait until the previous pill icon has gone before using another. You can however utilise different types of pills at the same time to treat respective diseases. Hemolytic Reaction Transfusing blood with the incorrect blood type will create a hazardous hemolytic reaction. Blood loss will occur, you will still fall unconscious so take care. Symptoms: Unconsciousness, decreasing blood levels, and likely death. Treatment: Utilising saline bags will counter the blood loss, and therefore the negative effect of the hemolytic transfusion. Naturally, using the correct blood type for transfusion will avoid this situation. Drunkenness Configure your server to serve your favourite alcoholic drinks. Symptoms: Expect the negative effect of blurry vision, but the positive effect of reduced pain: the ability to walk/run faster when injured (similar to pain medications but with longer effects). But beware....the dangers of overindulgence are increasing laughter and potentially falling unconscious in the streets. Treatment: As you would expect, over time, these effects will subside.
  7. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Server Update

    Hello Everyone Today I have a rather large change log for you guys, with alot of really cool updates! Make sure to read it all 😄 Helicopters Helicopters have now been added to all MTAS Playground servers These helicopters are WIP Version 0.1, so don't expect too much from them, they're just for fun The helicopter Trader is marked on the map and has a safe zone. Along side this, helicopters have a small chance to spawn at all airfields and major military Bases. Black Market The Black Market is a trader that buy and sells all the best gear in the game. Top tier guns, armour, meds, ammo, food, accessories, breaching charge ingredients and barter items. Be careful though... there is no safezone. New Weapons Over 40 new guns, attachments and ammo types have been added to the server. All these guns can be found around the map spawning with attachments, and at traders. Airdrops Airdrop loot has been redone, new items have been added and items that did not belong have been removed. What used to be the general weapons in the red container, now drops in a blue container. The red container is now Russian weaponry, this can be anything from basic AK's to the best guns in the game. Airdrops now drop less frequently (every 42 minutes instead of every 26), but they spawn more items. Misc Changes Old photos can now be found around Chernarus. Inspect them and follow their instructions... it could be really really worth it Multi-caliber suppressors have been added to the servers. All of them work with any gun that takes a improvised suppressor. They are the quietest and strongest suppressors in the game, can only be found at the Black Market trader and are quite expensive. The loot pool has been completely redone to correct loot issues and balance it all again. All base building items can be destroyed with C4 again. Prison Island Bridge on Chernarus has been redone. T3 base items can only be destroyed with Heavy Breaching charges. Weather on servers has been re-coded. Summer and autumn are now permanently bright, sunny and clear. A massive amount of items have been added to the trader, too many to list. A massive amount of items have been added to the loot pool, too many to list. C130 Planes now spawn crashed around the map, just like heli crashes. You can find loot at them. Server Map Icons have been tweaked, and fixed in multiple ways. Food and water have been re-coded to spawn in the correct amount. Muffled Audio when using a mask has been removed, this is due to it getting stuck on permanently.
  8. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Discord link dosn't work

    Mu apologies for this, I will work on fixing it 😄 Here is a link that will work https://discord.gg/AkcWMH3
  9. MyloTheAverageSniper

    fan boy lol

    Welcome to DayZ and the MTAS Community 😁
  10. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    Thanks mate 😄
  11. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    Currently, there are alot of different loot rewards for each mission, randomly picked. It usually consists of some form of create or package left, that you're given instructions to find. Usually containing something like a good gun, with ammo, mags and attachments. But there will be alot of other goodies coming soon 😄
  12. MyloTheAverageSniper

    Remove the crosshair

    Should we remove the cross hair on the servers?
  13. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    Thanks mate, it's still in BETA but should be good on the servers none the less 😉
  14. MyloTheAverageSniper

    DayZ Missions Update

    DayZ Missions Update Hello everyone, Today I have a big announcement for the PVP and PVE players. After a lot of time, work and research, I have fully implemented missions on the MTAS Playground Servers. These missions are fully server side, meaning no mods are needed to be downloaded or used to see them. A missions will be available around about every hour. Much like Airdrops, these missions will be available for every player on the server, not specific to yourself. In order to gain access to mission announcements, you need some form of radio tuned in to frequency 99.7, turned on, inside your inventory. Now, while the missions will be left a mystery they consist of a notification of a location you need to get to, something you need to find in that area, a task to complete with the area and sometimes a location or second part to the mission you need to complete. Keep in mind, every person on the frequency will get the same mission, and will receive notification of when someone completes a part of the mission. Currently there are 10 different missions, but 350 different variations of those missions. While this is working very well on my tests, it is still in alpha and will need to be tested and built upon. I hope you guys enjoy these missions and all feedback is welcome 😄 Remember to keep a radio on you, on 99.7 at all times to get mission announcements 😄 (Currently not on Livonia, but will be soon) Additional Notes You can now write on paper using pens to make notes, these notes are persistent and can be read by other players. Please be aware miss-using notes can and will result in a ban. All notes, user and message are logged server side permanently.
  15. MyloTheAverageSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    Everyone wants the magnum back in, but we have to wait for DayZ to bring it back in or give us access to animation tools. I do like the idea of a MSR...