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  1. Hello everyone As alot of you know, I have been working on my own modpack for quite a while now The modpack has been on the server since the wipe and people seem to be enjoying it. But today I am releasing the first real update for the mod pack, below is information on the update and changes. Before I get into it, if you would be so kind please visit the mod page and give it a thumbs up a favourite and a nice comment, thank you 🙂 Mod Workshop Link Human AI Human AI bandits have been added to Skalisty Island. They are highly trained, well equip and very deadly. They hold alot of good
  2. The guitar sounds sick, I think I know of someone who's done it. Also for the flags, we have clan flags 😄
  3. Hello everyone, As some of you know, I have been working on an exclusive mod pack for the MTAS Servers. Currently I have 50 weapons, a bunch of new optics and attachments, a load of new food, a bunch of brand new helmets, backpacks, vests and the such and a lot of other juicy stuff too! I want to make sure I create what people want, so I'm asking today for your suggestions. This could be anything at all, weapons, clothing, attachments, food, AI, vehicles. Anything at all. All I ask is that you keep it serious, and try to think about what would fit on the server / what would be d
  4. Converting winter won't give us any results, as it has such a low playerbase and very little vehicles. Vehicles only affect the server when the server is above 30 pop
  5. Extensively researching the logs, shows that 99% of all the crashes are cars / bikes, all of them
  6. No, an I7700K and 32 GB for 2 DayZ servers And an I7700K and 32GB for the other 2 servers And the still the server is only ever used to like 40% of what is has
  7. The vanilla vehicles crash the server as often as the modded vehicles do
  8. The helicopters don't actually crash the servers, due to the way they work. The vehicles that crash the server are the land vehicles.
  9. Vanilla cars are just as bad as modded vehicles
  10. DayZ servers do not work like this. We have 2 dedi's and 2 servers on each. The usage max's out at 30% CPU 40% ram. DayZ servers refuse to use the PC as much as they could. No matter how great the dedi is, it will still run the same as ours as DayZ is quite shite when it comes to optimisation. 32GB of ram and a i7-7700K overclocked should be more than enough.
  11. Vehicles cause a large amount of server crashes. The only current fix there is for this, is to completely remove vehicles from the servers. But, we want your opinion... do we keep the vehicles and deal with crashes, or test the servers with no vehicles? THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE HELICOPTERS AS THEY DO NO CAUSE CRASHES
  12. Vehicle Key Update I am planning and have worked on a new system for vehicle keys. This system allows you to: Grind duplicate keys for yourself, for free. Make keys for your vehicles at grindstones for free You can make a key for a found / spawned vehicles and make it so you can lock and unlock the found vehicle. Add tags to your keys. Break into peoples cars using a very expensive / hard to find item. This takes alot of time, and there is a small chance that the tool will break before you get into their car. If you have lost your car key, you can break into it and assi
  13. It has been tested, scarlett and I are still testing it. Jumping from 2 stories, is fine... Jumping from anything higher than that, most of the time breaks your legs, as it should
  14. I don't believe players have even given it a go yet. It has been on the server for an hour or so. Players have broken their legs, due to the parameter not being set right yet, and want it gone.
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