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  1. Hello all, First off, yep, American here. One better, living in the deep south (was not born or raised here though). I am a totally new player, but possibly looking for a clan where I can spend my new to the game time simply gathering and storing loots. I figure at this point it is probably the best way to find out what is out there, explore the map, and see what works with what. Problem so far is finding a safe storage solution (being so new) for what I do have so far. So, if anyone would be willing to exchange some safe storage place in exchange for a lot of gathering work I would be in
  2. Hello all, Does the server HAVE to be accessed through the DZSA launcher instead of Steam? I am trying to get my mic to work in-game and have been UN-successful so far. Been haunting the web for a fix, but of course I am not really going to know if its working until I run into someone, which I of course am also hoping does not happen as I figure it will mean death. I have my mic working thru Steam, but as soon as I close the Steam sound options screen it stops working, which means it is not recognizing Dayz being launched/running thru Steam, which I assume its not since I am using the lau
  3. 1. I tried putting it on my vest, would not go. This could be that the vest I am using is from another mod, or the base game and not compatible. It is also the only vest I have found so far. Will keep looking/trying combinations. 2. I looked at the angel arms glitch on the web, and this did not appear to be the same. Firstly, it was only affecting certain weapons, and the effects were different. It could be me glitching the weapon out myself, as you mentioned, as I do not have the time/exp with the UI and could have doubled up on an accessory. 3. Apparently, I have not found any real
  4. First off, I admit I am a total newbie when it comes to DayZ, so please bear with me. I started playing on the MTAS servers yesterday, (played about 7 hours) and have run across a few things I have questions about or would like some suggestions on. (Please note that I fully realize you as the server admins are not the author's of the server's mods, and have no way to directly correct issues with them.) 1. I keep finding weapon scabbards (ex: engraved leather weapon scabbard) and I had to dig thru the limited info in the mod description pages on the Steam subscribed mod list to find whic
  5. Just started, and have not played but 6 or so hours on the servers, but they have been running pretty good for me here in SE USA (120 ping average) However, I am on a fiber line. I really do not know if there would be enough interest to make a US based server worthwhile, but that being said I would surely play on it if there were. I do not know who is hosting the server(s), or the price in comparison to here, but I would imagine it would have to be very small at least at the start to see if were worthwhile (6-8-12 perhaps?) if it ever happened at all. For now I will continue to play on th
  6. Hello all, Been watching the Vid's on Youtube for quite a while, but have avoided DayZ because of the bugs up till now. Saw it on sale on Steam and decided WTF. After a few hours play on an official server (died 6 times from starvation, never even found a knife, let alone a gun) I decided to go ahead and join up with you MTAS guys. Been modding games since there was such a thing, but starting a new game and then adding a ton of mods has so far been a daunting learning curve! Spent all day today enjoying the server, never saw a soul. Kept finding weapons and mags, but none that worked toge
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