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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2064159537&searchtext=%402064159537 i just noticed it while was looking other servers' modpacks .
  2. on some other server i saw Concrete mix being obtained only from looting and airdrops (unlike cement) . that could be a good idea, but it makes no sense, while this: stays a bullshit, and Heavy C4s are dropped from 50% of military and building airdrops .
  3. sick to loose the time for refilling it, most of the loot for respawns, on raid gets just de-spawned with disassembled boxes, it doesn't mean there was low amount of inventory space used . forcing players to seek for a group, for some players makes it no better at all .
  4. i was getting 4 heavies from 5 airdrops, building 2 T3 walls takes more than finding the charges . the issue is -- how much should you put into building the base, to consider it safe? alot, regardless of the base's content or location . currently, players without groups and with small bases, suffer more, while put more effort in .
  5. and/or the bullets sold in piles instead of boxes, so it would be no need to unpack each pile, every time
  6. i think it should be a thing to collect, and then raid really expensive bases . not a wood ones with multiple doors, few km from coast, with just respawn stuff, and still don't loose anything .
  7. its not because i think that you couldn't do it or finish yours, the only thing i wanted is to remove the most of work that you need to do to implement the temporally solution .
  8. players already doing it by re-dying, it just removes a bit of random from the game . makes things more predictable, for strategy timing .
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2017605880 (regardless of vehicle damage)
  10. The task of author is to describe the suggestion/.., its no point to pronounce that they may not decide to add it. Always good to receive any reason for not adding it, but don't getting such is not unusual.
  11. There is no mistakes in my description or the name. i wrote this addon myself, for the time before the new one comes. Because the thing i think Mylo want to do, may take time. And this one works well.
  12. (for interceptions, the driver is still not protected . and i think it matter less than ability for the most of players to normally drive)
  13. it works no similar to NoVehicleDamage . it will disable engine and all it's parts' damage, for vanilla cars . and decrease damage to these cars' wheels by 40 times . players still can go unconscious and die from crashes, but the difference is still huge . it don't and can't have issues with physics . please add this addon to the servers . for before you finish the NoCarDamage . just signing, packing and including is needed . it can be quickly diff-compared with converted config.cpp from vanilla vehicles_wheeled.pbo to make sure its harmless . Thats obvious, but just in case -- its
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