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  1. The Smilies " Be kind or smile to the flash. " OUR MISSION : The Smilies is a group of players, surviving and thriving within the realms of Chernarus. We are a close knit family, that will always have each others backs. in general we are friendly, and will go to great lengths to help people out, but if we feel threatened, we will respond with force. our operations consist of: military runs, Airdrop hunting, construction and security, providing backup to players in need whether its new players or a friendly group in need, or just playing the beautiful game. we have friends all across the server, and always welcome more. we are located on MTAS Chernarus Autumn Current Members : Founder: 🍡Baroncito (retired) Retired leaders: Gilje WarDonkey556 LEADERS: [πŸ™‚] Mobius [πŸ™‚] Second in Command: [πŸ™‚] Kkron VETERANS/OFFICERS: [πŸ™‚] Moop [πŸ™‚] Solhof [πŸ™‚] billygrippo [πŸ™‚] Revengful Acid [πŸ™‚] Zirak [πŸ™‚] Crizly [πŸ™‚] Phase REGULARS: [πŸ™‚] kingmadafakka [πŸ™‚] Lifeshift [πŸ™‚] Marios [πŸ™‚] [πŸ™‚] [πŸ™‚] [πŸ™‚] Recruits: β—‹ RECRUITMENT IS CLOSED. β—‹ Please comment your full Discord name down below if you are interested, we will get into contact with you. ➼ Requirements : β€£ Must be able to speak English clearly and have a quality mic. β€£ Be well coordinated and listen to call outs. β€£ Active player, and member of the MTAS community. β€£ Must be 17+
  2. Looooots of clothing! The varierity of colors/camos!
  3. You already have that gun called "LAR" (Or FAL if you go by irl name) πŸ˜„ Just lacking drum mag, foregrip, muzzle break and holo sight πŸ˜›
  4. - More different types of AP rounds. (Still missing 7.62x54 MMR, but other than that some lower caliber AP rounds like 9x19 and 45 ACP) - Water resistant/proof clothing (Some at least) - Maybe add a difference between regular and panoramic nvgs when used so the price difference is actually justified? - More suppressor types - EOD suit for those crazy people who might want to give it a try at defusing a bomb? πŸ˜‚ - Military equivelant of Munghards backpack (The one that attaches all the camping stuff on it) As there really isn't a proper military one with that twist on it yet.
  5. No expansion please... That almost killed the server the last time.
  6. - Bounty system perhaps? Although maybe have admins pick out random, high value targets instead of giving players the tokens to start a bounty to stop possible abuse from it. - Kamaz/UAZ (or any other Russian) truck to have some more vehicle options (and to actually have a truck meant for transporting stuff) - That medical system you made a while back... Hows that looking? That mod finally gave us a reason to use all those cures and stuff xD - AK-12, RPK-16, AK-308, PKP Pecheng? πŸ€” - Remove ghillie ponchos πŸ˜‰ - Possible scope with inbuilt range finder? (For both NATO and Russian equipment) - If you have added quad NVGS, please make them animated (As in they actually will be lifted up if not on) πŸ™‚ - A proper long range scope with mil dots.
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