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  1. Please remove Deer Isle and Livonia, they're constantly below 5 players. More chernaurus servers would be nice and possibly even a hardcore server
  2. IGN: Stryke Discord: Stryke#5438 Teammate IGN: brendan1 Teammate Discord: brendan1#1018
  3. Would be nice if there was some sort of way to change the color of vests that you find at airdrops, heavy plate carriers to be specific. It feels like all you ever find is black and sometimes tan ones and it doesn't fit for people who like to run green loadouts. I just think it'd be a cool addition for people so that they can actually change the color of vests they find without be stuck with something like a tan one than doesn't blend in at all.
  4. I'd like to join but not sure what to put here exactly so I'm just gonna leave my discord.. Stryke#5438
  5. Stryke


    Tell me about yourself. I've been a gamer for more than a decade now and DayZ is still strongly my FAVORITE game on the planet. I'm currently a senior in high school graduating soon. How old are you? 17 (18 in a month) What are your strengths? Due my hundreds of PVP hours, I'm very calm and collected in this game now. I've put majority of my hours into learning how to snipe and scout overall so i'd like to say I'm an average sniper maybe more. I know that map by heart, and I know majority of callouts as well What are your weaknesses? CQC is not my strong point nor has it ever been. I only just recently got a pc that can run the game at good FPS rates. I'm also fairly new to the MTAS server's so I'm not super familiar with all the mods and how they work at all. Why do you want want to join the UN? There's 2 main reason. Number one being I really need a group to play with on this game since all my friends hate it. Number 2 being you guys seem to be a very fun roleplay group and I'm very interested in it. What's your ideal Org.? A bunch of guys who play together and have fun on the game. What attracted you to this Org.? The RP aspect of it is very appealing to me. Why should we enroll you? I like to think I'm decently skilled and I'm one who loves to grind towards stuff. I believe that I can bring a lot to the Org if given the opportunity. What did you like least about your last Org, group, and or clan? Never actually been in a professional DayZ Org or Clan, but I've played with my friends a ton. Their lack of dedication really does not fit with mine and overall they just aren't as interested in DayZ as I am What can you do for us that other candidates can't? Idk how the others are but if I had to say anything I would say my grind type motivation and knowledge of the game can scale me above other players. What were the responsibilities of your last Org,group, and or clan? Like I said prior I never really had one before, this would be my first. Why did you leave your current, last Org, group, and or clan? Never really had one before What do you know about this Org? Not much to be honest. I know that it is an RP clan that loves to help new spawns. It seems to be a very chill group and it really interests me. Do you have RP experience? Lot's and not only on DayZ. I used to play DayZRP back in the day (Very strict whitelisted RP server) which had rules like No KOS server wide, no sort of communication outside of game (Can only use walkie talkies to talk to friends), and NLR. I alos have over 1K hours on Arma Life servers as well. How many hours do you have in dayz? Nearly 4,000 (3,511 on PC to be exact and a few hundred on Xbox One) Do you have any questions about us or our Org? Do you guys where blue UN helmets when playing? Might be an obvious question but I genuinely don't know
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