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  1. sr-25 black and some other camos to some guns maybe ? like a silver/gray LVOA-C possibly ?? also should maybe add if it's possible a rare chance to fish up bm items while fishing as treasure ??
  2. The juice cannon for all the LVNDMARK fans out there. Basically just the SA-58.
  3. lets get some viable shotguns for like close range secondaries 😄
  4. maybe safes that can be cracked through a code cracker item. I.e. you can crack any safe as long as you have a code cracker which is obtainable only from like construction or raid tier drops or something
  5. more ranged ways of making people go unconscious. i.e. tranq darts or something along those lines https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/low-poly-pneu-dart-x-caliber-083def5aa00a44b38383b1630c0ffe71
  6. Sounds good!!! Looking forward to it. Thanks for the replies as always guys!!!!
  7. No I understand that.... but is there no way we could've had that fixed before ??? It's already caused 3 deaths for me and my mates inside our own base just from trying to do base stuff... I think it would be a nice addition if it works but I don't understand why it was implemented before testing :(((
  8. It's too much. Over-realisitc. Seems to be bugged or inconsistent. Not fun. Could see it being good later on down the development line... or just wait until this stuff comes to vanilla.
  9. So I was thinking like maybe a mod that allows you to make a key mold which you can then stick in a locked vehicle to then go to trader and have a locksmith mold a key for that vehicle ??? Could add some auto theft to the server ?
  10. Goku

    Gun Wraps

    Because if you're playing on Autumn, unlike summer... the wraps are ugly and don't fit the environment... also there are servers that have wraps other than the ones in the base game. I.e. Hideout and Aftermath. Just wanted to bring up the idea.
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