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  1. Hello Mylo! I am a clothing geek and I suggest that you add a good set of plain OD clothing - a full set! At the moment in-game, I use STALKER clothing as it's OD perfectly matches the green tactical belt, but I cannot find a good match for the gloves and boots. So if you could even possibly just add some gloves, and boots that match the MVS OD and the green tactical belt OD, then it would be a great help, and hopefully this isn't too much of a pain to make. 😄
  2. Maybe add the new AP rounds you can buy at black market into tier 4 military zones? They're horribly expensive at black market for not too much of a difference IN MY OPINION. Just thought it'd be cool to find small quantities of it and not always have to buy it all! 😄
  3. IGN: Zirak Discord: Zirak#2006 Number: 829
  4. IGN: Zirak Discord Tag: Zirak#2006 Number: 1354
  5. I think you should add the Black Market Standardized Suppressor to green military drops and the Black Market Normalized Suppressor to red military drops. Just an idea, since things like Barrets and Charges can drop, why not add a good suppressor to the mix as well. 🙂
  6. IGN: Zirak Discord: Zirak#2006 Number: 538
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