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  1. In-game Name 666WindiR666 Name of the player(s) you are reporting I didn't get their names, it was too fast Date of the event 02/07/2020 Time of the event 2:30 Which platform did this event take place on MTAS Summer Who was involved in this event? Me, my vehicle and 3 random guys Please provide any available details regarding the event I was almost at the russian trader, some 300m away, and 3 guys shoot at me first, i managed to run away to the trader and guy told me "im sorry, my finger sliped"(it cannot slip 6 times). And while i tried to sell my loot a moment later, i heard my vehicle driving away. They drove a minute or two around and trying to extort my loot in exchange for my car back, but i had almost nothing so they just drowe away. Please add any available evidence https://youtu.be/4fPtJvCrpWM Video will be on this link once uploaded.
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