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  1. 90% of the tickets i worked on are related to lost items after a server crash. if we keep cars then we shouldnt comp for any lost items due to a server crash going by your logic. that would also include lost player called airdops for example.
  2. thats the idea. we are working on our own auto run script at the moment
  3. i'd say try removing them, if it doesnt help bring them back
  4. the most fun in DayZ i had while walking the wastelands... +1 for removing vehiecles plus we have infinite boot life again... just need an autorun script again
  5. Hello Freelancers , There has been a Prison Break on Livonia. We task you to go out and investigate the situation. There might be something lucrative waiting for you at the end. Start your investigation by listening to a radio frequency provided by us Let us know if you are up for the job by commenting below. (Discord-Name#Number) - dotEXCEL/Hutner/YamiBeast/Overlone_Wolf
  6. discord dotEXCEL#0754 number: 1001
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