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  1. CallumM

    Add Spawn Select

    Working on a good median between spawn select and random spawn.
  2. Hi Mazda, Im going to be closing this ticket due to lack of response. When it comes to catching glitch raiders, time is of the essence. In the future if this ever happens again I'd recommend creating a ticket on discord to receive help quicker. -CallumM
  3. Hi, I have reviewed your story and evidence, and have decided that there is not enough proof to enforce a ban on the player in question. For that reason this report has been denied. Any further developments feel free to contact an admin via the discord ticket system. -CallumM
  4. I like the look of this mod, but the lack of servers running it makes me question its usefulness and stability. Ill look into this further and get back to you, -CallumM
  5. Thats not really how it works. You would still need a mod that would implement the guns into the game. Most of which has been done by other mod packs.
  6. CallumM

    [MOD] PartyMe

    This mod is not stable at the moment, it would likely cause mass server crashes and therefore will not be added in its current state.
  7. Make sure you are not masking your IP Address when trying to join the server. Turn off any VPNs and try again.
  8. CallumM

    Remove the vssk

    Denied - The VSSK is balanced right now by its spawn rate. Its kinda meant to be an OP weapon, sort of like the Gauss Rifle from Namalsk. There is no plans right now to remove it.
  9. @Tsuiuc Can you show me the time stamp of the video, a screenshot of the properties of the file would be great
  10. Using the video I will be able to workout the exact time he logged out and ban him, when you have the video working, add me as a friend on discord and I will assist you in PM 🙂
  11. CallumM

    NA Server

    "Switching it up to NA Region" is not as easy as it sounds, we run all 3 servers off of 1 dedicated host based in the UK, expanding to NA region is not currently on the cards but is not something we are ruling out entirely. We are currently working on a new server layout which will come into play either at the release of 1.04 or the release of the DayZ Expansion mod.
  12. Server was down for maintenance, it should be up again now 🙂
  13. Hey! The mod was removed by the author earlier today. I removed the mod from the server so you should be able to join now.
  14. CallumM

    NATO Machine Guns

    The M249 is in the game, if you can find mods for the others. Post em below!
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