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  1. @Strykethank you for replying, over the course of the next few days the clan will discuss your application, please be patient and wait for a reply - Sergie.
  2. Tᴏᴘ Sʜᴀɢɢᴇʀꜱ You're not you when you're hungry, snickers, get some nuts. Our Story The Top Shaggers are a group of well organised partygoers who have found themselves in the midsts of a fully fledged Apocalypse, Our mission is to survive the spocalypse and become the top dogs; while of course doing what we love the most ;);) -We are based in the wonderful realms of Deerisle Uniform- Often seen wearing chino shorts and balaclavas. Members Top Shagger; 🍹 Oliver 🍹 Zac 🍹 Sergie. 🍹 Archie Shaggers 🍹 Stryke 🍹 Kami 🍹 Hypna 🍹 Ablir 🍹 Pretentious
  3. Here you go bud 🙂 https://discord.gg/d6kT4e
  4. count me in, Sergie.#6205 and my in game name is Sergie.
  5. Sergie. Sergie.#6205 1499
  6. Remove em, rather have a nice 20 minute walk than 20 minutes of me sat in a queue because someone went to space
  7. Sergie.

    Care Bears

    What are you guys' Discords?
  8. Vaccine Patient Event idea: A group of Navy seals have re-grouped at the Ship near svetloyarsk where they are holding people and testing them for a possible vaccine, after 3 years of testing one of the lead scientist named Brandon Lowes found a break through leading to a vaccine to possibly end this world epidemic, A Russian cartel owner wants the vaccine and will do anything and everything to gain access to it, the cartel leader is planning a mass attack on the navy seals Ship, however it is heavily defended by the remanence of the US army. This is just a concept where the Cartel try’s to over throw the US army and gain all power, the vaccine patient who’s blood can stop the spread of the Zombie apocalypse is hidden in the ship and is being protected at all costs, the cartel would be sent out in waves to try and gain access to the ship and eventually returning the patient to the cartels head quarters that is based in Mogilevka. Feel free to add anymore ideas for prizes and what not!
  9. Sergie.


    Hey man what's your Discord?
  10. Sergie.


    15 Friendly and able to communicate well struggle under pressure want to be able to help people a friendly and welcoming one i can help with things that need getting done the unorganisation i do everything to the best of my ability you promote stability a tiny bit of rp experience 200
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