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  1. Holy shit is all I can say. Immense job!
  2. Clan armbands (custom), m200 intervention, coupled mags, more scopes (including nightvision), AI areas, other cool stuff Gil
  3. Making them indestructible will cause an insane amount of server crashes, that is the reason there are no indestructible vehicles on the server. Unfortunately.. Also, the choppers are still being worked on an tweaked, so basically, it's a luxury at this point. If you have 200k to spend on some fun that might be very short lived then go ahead. If not, stay away from them:)
  4. Hey wick! I'm gonna try to answer some of you questions as best I can!:) 1. If it's the gunholster you are talkin about, (English is not my native tongue) it goes on your vest slot I believe. 2. This sound alot like the angel arms glitch (also called spaghetti hands) this can happen from time to time, and the solution is closing the game, closing the dzsa launcher. Reopen the launcher, and press "load" instead of "play" on the server you want to join. When the game launches to loading screen, simply press play and that should fix it. The greyout of the scopes etc can also happen when you accidentally attach more than one scope to the weapon, different scopes use different slots on the modded guns, and does not block other slots beeing used at times. 3. This is sort of a question of personal opinions, there are several big backpacks etc. When I gear up for raids etc and focus on storage I use: Large tactical belt 70 Mvs rucksack 180 slots Heavy mvs rig with all attachments ~60 slots Field jacket and pants ~60 slots Many of these things can only be bought at trader, or taken from the victims of your brain of terror. Experiment, find out what you like. It's not always about space. More gear means a bigger silhouette, and beeing spotted more easily. 4. Yes, ammo needs to be stacked manually. 5. Yes, the guns normally dont come with everything fitted, and you will need to search for that in addition to the gun, or buy at the trader. 6. Batteries usually spawns in industrial areas, and on zombies. You can also find them in toolsheds and houses. 7. Might be bugged, did you hold "r" to reload? Hope this helps a bit. Hit me up on discord or continue this thread if you need anything else. Gilje#4648
  5. Gilje and wardonkey, signing up Gilje#4648 teaming with Wardonkey
  6. hmmm, I don't like that at all. being able to spawn where you want is not how it is supposed to be. it makes things too convenient, and we all know, Dayz is NOT convenient:P
  7. You should have that info now. And regarding scrambled teams, booooo;) Whatever you guys decide mate:)
  8. The smilies will sign up with 5 player. Gilje - Gilje #4648 Wardonkey556 - wardonkey #3032 Kkron - KKRON #5899 Solhof - Solhof #5593 Mobius - Mobius#2996
  9. I was thinking about the helitrader, and was thinking it could be a good idea to add the ability to trade cars at the helitrader? If not buy them, then maybe sell them? It would make the trip less of a hassle for those very far away from there?
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