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  1. In-game Name: Distracted Discord Tag: Distracted#5020 Number: 420
  2. Soon I will be able to become who I was meant to be in DayZ; An accident-prone alcoholic.
  3. I always figured the 'fence in a fence' thing was covered by rule 3.1. As for the tent shenanigans, I haven't seen too many cases of that in my travels, but the times I have the FPS drop was insane. I'd be happy to see that go.
  4. Would prefab buildings be affected by this, or are you referring to some of the monster BBP buildings that appear from time to time?
  5. Would 3.11 include watchtowers?
  6. Distracted


    You can find Homemade and Heavy breaching charges from red or green military airdrops. Alternatively, you can buy them from other players.
  7. Yes to the compass mod, but no to the party mod. My reasoning for this is my clan has 18 members at the moment. To manage that while running in groups, we have a uniform and other identifiers to help avoid friendly fire. If a party mod was added we wouldn't need uniforms or any identifiers. There would be no risk of friendly fire, just a blob of people running around the map shooting the people without markers above their heads.
  8. If you could just store all of your money, what would be the point of building bases? At that point it might as well just be a deathmatch server.
  9. These have been great so far. Gives me something to do when no one from my clan is online.
  10. Aside from me being bad at this game and voting no, my concern with its removal is it raises the barrier of entry for newer DayZ players. I get the desire for a more realistic experience, but most people generally do play games as a form of relaxation.
  11. Recruitment has reopened for a limited time only.
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