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  1. SwiftSniper

    New Vehicle Mods

    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1915287253 ive played other servers with this vehicle mod. these things are cool as could be plus who wouldnt want to see mylo going around in a willy. mod works great with very minimal issues. would love to see this mod in the server!
  2. SwiftSniper

    MTAS Weapon Pack

    We need more sub machine guns for close quarters the server is run by rifles and id like to see a true sub in the game that does decent damage. 2 examples below where in the game before the last wipe that have not been there since. both of these guns would make people think twice about rushing someone in a house or a forest. I feel as if the game is centered around a sniper or assault rifle we need more smgs in the game that can do damage, all the subs i see on the ground now i dont bother even picking up because they do little to no damage. the Thompson chambered in 45 auto would be a huge upgrade and give snipers more options to bring. the P90 chamber it in 357 or 45 auto, 9mm is just terrible. again these guns would be game changers when it comes to smgs.
  3. SwiftSniper

    MTAS Playground Weapon Pack

    I miss the Thompson i would buy a full gun rack of them and the 1903s shame they arnt there aswell. would love to see both of them back in would be the first in line to get them. would be nice to get them back if possible