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  1. Do you have evidence of this happenning? We can only compensate you if there is evidence about it

  2. Your In-Game Name Zach Your Discord Name Zach#9835 Date of the event 12/09/2019 Time of the event 3:00 Which server did the event take place on MTAS Summer Explain what happend I bought the Beowulf yesterday and approximately six mags, every time you log out a mag glitches and leaves your inventory. On top of this the gun just doesn't work in general. Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? I used the trader to get a gun and the gun does not work Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear Estimated value of lost items 25000 Provide an list of everything you lost? 1 Beowolf, 6 Beowolf Mags Provide video evidence to support your claim Extra infomation I do not have a video proof however I have the gun on my character.