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  1. The Smilies " Be kind or smile for the flash. " OUR MISSION : The Smilies is a coalition of friendly people from Berezino who protect new individuals that are being bullied in the East coast, while also keeping the city clear of aggressive gunners. We will provide the basic necessities to help you head off to the Northwest regions. We also have an extended Livonia Division of friendly Smilies to ensure the well being of new players in the North West regions of Livonia. Current Members : Founder: 🍵Baroncito (retired) Retired Leaders: Phase Mother LEADERS: [🙂] Gilje [🙂] Blane [🙂] Avian [ 2nd in command ] VETERANS/OFFICERS: [🙂] MaReX [🙂] YakubG [🙂] hakanKG [🙂] billygrippo (HOOOOORE) REGULARS: [🙂] Vro [🙂] Husky [🙂] Fenris [🙂] Sparky [🙂] Standly [🙂] SenPai [🙂] Mr. Bug [🙂] SawCom [🙂] Kingmadafaka ○ RECRUITMENT IS CLOSED. ○ When we are recruiting again, please comment your full discord username if you are interested and we will get in contact with you. ➼ Requirements : ‣ Must be able to speak English clearly and have a quality mic. ‣ Treat fresh spawns with respect and help them if possible. ‣ Be well coordinated and listen to call outs. ‣ Active MTAS member. ‣ Must be 17+ CURRENT ALLIES : (BLA) Bambi Liberation Army (UN) Blue Helms Slav Kings Founder: Baroncito Interviewer: Mother (Aphotic)
  2. Hello ZelenyyslSaD! Please create a compensation request. Although we may not be able to compensate the key itself we can possibly help with the funding part. (Be sure to provide a clip of this purchase!) Thank you. 😊
  3. Aphotic

    problem to spawn

    Hello Maltemon! Please check out this thread: https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/forums/topic/62-client-contains-pbo-which-is-not-part-of-the-server-fix/ This should help you with the PBO fix if you haven't found a solution yet. 😊
  4. Aphotic


    There are multiple bases on every map! Explosives such as the heavy breach & homemade charges are the main tools for raiding. Sometimes you can use watch towers to climb in as well. 🙂
  5. Nice to meet you Hobbit! Glad to have you on the servers.
  6. Hello Mazda, Is there any sort of proof that you have to backup your belief? Thank you.
  7. Reached out to you in autumn text channel Idealistici. ☺️
  8. Sent you a friend request Sen. We will discuss applications privately. ☺️
  9. Aphotic

    Rare C4s

    Indeed, i'll try to keep this thread updated. BTW T1 is breachable with a homemade. Saw many players saying otherwise... 😊
  10. Aphotic

    Rare C4s

    I completely agree! I believe this is currently in the makings. 🙂
  11. Hello Gilje! Yes, we are currently recruiting.
  12. Aphotic

    The Ravens

    The Ravens Motto: “The gloom of death is on The Raven's wing." Requirements: Must answer required questions (Provided upon request.) 17+ Mature with a side of humour Quality microphone Active member Backstory: The Ravens are a group of ex-military members from around the world and specialize in everything from Infantry combat, to long range engagements, and intel collecting. Spanning from Canadian JTF2 and The American Navy Seals to the British S.A.S. and beyond, this group has taken every skill they've learned and became one of the deadliest and skilled groups in The Balkans. While these people are not a kill on sight group, they are not the friendliest either. The Ravens operate like nomads, while they do not have a set base of operations out of any town in Chernarus, they have outposts hidden in plain sight around the entire country. From being lone scavengers to becoming The Ravens, they have grown to fly alongside powerful groups. They have recently made contact with the Berezino Smilies and these two groups are now very close. The Raven’s choice of gear is dark clothing with two white arm bands containing a group of Ravens, representing unity on each arm. Despite the given information, The Ravens still remain a mystery. Our unit is filled with a variety of members, each with their own unique personality. Some members have no problem tending to you, whether you are a low-geared player or a decked out player. Other members may remain on edge and if you get on the wrong side of a Raven, they will not hesitate to put an end to your inner darkness. Those people will not be forgiven or forgotten. Whether you meet the delightful or Delphic players, encountering this group will not be something you will forget. Roster (discord usernames) : Simbuh Shadowcatzz [FaT] Taargüs Avianx CLEkeith Fox Maffy -Updates occasionally- Allies: Berezino Smilies Interested in joining? Contact us on discord! Shadowcatzz#5900 Simbuh#9579
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