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  1. Baroncito86

    ATM or currency storage equivalent

    Well, we rather take this in a realistic way. In an apocalyptic situation there is no "network" nor "electricity" or bank services for maintenance or refilling, so will make no sense. Also at our server, the risk of loosing it all is part of the game, thats why we have said many times that atm's are not a thing for us. Personally i dislike the idea as well but thanks and well done with the post!!
  2. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - andreasgil

    REJECTED - No evidence provided and no items lost. Please do not use compensation requests to report players or glitch raids. Use the appropiate way by opening a ticket when it happens at our discord
  3. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - S3bbs7502

    APPROVED - Please open a ticket in discord and post a link to this compensation request. An available admin will be sort you out!
  4. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - JorTaylor

    REJECTED. Vehicle issue + no evidence
  5. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - JorTaylor

    REJECTED. Vehicle issue + no evidence
  6. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - JorTaylor

    REJECTED. Vehicle issue + no evidence
  7. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - Uber Plop

    Hello there Your request is APPROVED. Please open a ticket for this compensation request in the discord and provide a link to this request. An available admin will compensate you.
  8. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - Jfrom

    Hello. Sorry but the evidence provided by you do not determine the incident or show the actual value. REJECTED
  9. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - jaybee

    APPROVED. Next time do not put plate carriers or plates in storage, they despawn
  10. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - JorTaylor

  11. Baroncito86

    Remove the crosshair

    I think it's a good idea on the realism side since you shouldn't be able to know exactly where are you aimin when hip firing and will be helpful in the inmersión. I vote a solid yes xD
  12. Baroncito86

    DayZ Missions Update

    Love it!!! And the pens... Hell yeah
  13. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - Rand0m

    Partially APPROVED
  14. Baroncito86

    Report A Player - Malfeitor-I-Windir

    Hey there. I will be taking a look at the logs to check about the guy shooting at you. Thanks for the report
  15. Baroncito86

    fan boy lol

    Hey! Just wanted to welcome you to our community. I hope you have a great time with us. Don't forget to take a look at our rules and join our discord. If you need anything hit us up!!