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  1. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - JorTaylor

  2. Baroncito86

    Remove the crosshair

    I think it's a good idea on the realism side since you shouldn't be able to know exactly where are you aimin when hip firing and will be helpful in the inmersión. I vote a solid yes xD
  3. Baroncito86

    DayZ Missions Update

    Love it!!! And the pens... Hell yeah
  4. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - Rand0m

    Partially APPROVED
  5. Baroncito86

    Report A Player - Malfeitor-I-Windir

    Hey there. I will be taking a look at the logs to check about the guy shooting at you. Thanks for the report
  6. Baroncito86

    fan boy lol

    Hey! Just wanted to welcome you to our community. I hope you have a great time with us. Don't forget to take a look at our rules and join our discord. If you need anything hit us up!!
  7. Baroncito86

    Hi I'm Tox

    Welcome to our community. We hope you enjoy it and if you need something, we are here to assis!
  8. Baroncito86

    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

    Welcome to the server mate! we wish you enjoy playing with us! hit us up if you need something!
  9. Baroncito86

    Compensation Requests - DAXTI.

    Compensated 🙂
  10. Baroncito86


    Killfeed is not in place to avoid harassment and drama and toxicity in the community. The staff team have logs in case of issues or suspicious deaths but players do not have access to a kill feed to avoid issues between players
  11. Baroncito86

    Stuttering issue

    Hello there mate. The issue is very common with DayZ. This game brings a lot of temporary files while you are playing. When it renders something it stores it on the RAM and HDD/SSD If you have multiple software running that take RAM for their temporary files or if you dont have a fair amount of free space in your main drive (the one where appdata and windows folders are) it will take time to delete not used rendered files to create new ones. This will cause stutters
  12. Baroncito86

    Stuck magazine fix after 1.6

    After the last DayZ update the inventory of items with slots such as storages or guns can cause some issues, such as your magazine being stuck in your weapon. Here is a fix that works most of the time IMPORTANT: Have with you an extra spare magazine at all times until this issue gets fixed 1. Drag your the magazine from your gun to the ground (it will become useless once its removed) 2. Load the extra magazine in the gun (When relogging, your gun will be bugged again but for this session you will be fine) IF THIS DOESNT WORK: 1. Drag your magazine from your gun to the hotbar 2. Close your inventory and hold the hotbar key for the magazine 3. Dump your magazine to the ground (it will become useless once its removed) 4. Load the extra magazine in the gun (When relogging, your gun will be bugged again but for this session you will be fine) IF YOU CANT DRAG THE MAG FROM YOUR GUN 1. Open the inventory page. 2. Switch weapons using your hotbar 3. When the magazine is unlocked dump it to the ground
  13. Baroncito86

    Base idea!

    Sounds like a great idea!
  14. Baroncito86

    Breaching Charges - Issue

    Hello mate. We are actually doing extensive testing. We can not know when they will be 100% operational since we depend on the mod developers to fix them
  15. Baroncito86


    To br honest, just looting houses from the coast inland you find more than enough food and drinks, at least me but might be that im lucky lol