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  1. @andreasgilI need to know who and also teams will most likely be randomized.
  2. MTAS Playground Siege-Inspired Event Thursday 7, 2020 @ 4pm EST/8pm GMT How it's going to work: On MTAS Playground Winter, an arena is currently being built to serve as a stage for a 5v5 hostage rescue event. The Defenders will start on the inside with prechosen loadouts and will be responsible for defending and protecting the hostage. The Attackers will spawn in close proximity to the main stage with similar prechosen loadouts and one additional tool, homemade breaching charges. Each round the attackers will be required to extract the hostage to one of their respawn zones or the round will end when an entire team has been eliminated. The stage of the event will be mostly made of concrete with gaps for the defending players to reinforce. The map won't be a replication of any Rainbow 6 Siege maps, this event is solely made to feel like the game it is inspired by. Requirements: Two teams of 5 players. No gear required. Best of 6 rounds. Rewards: Rewards will be split between different factors. MVPs of each team will receive a bonus. The winning team will receive a substantial reward for their victory (TBD). The losing team will receive a much smaller reward for playing (TBD). How to join: Solo or in a group? Sign up in the comments below. The first 10 to sign up will be chosen (Don't worry there will be more of this event and others soon). 5 additional players will be chosen as "backups" in the event that participants don't show up.\ Signups will end Wednesday, May 6, by midnight.
  3. Approved - Change in leadership has been acknowledged.
  4. Approved! - Your clan post looks very good, the clan has been set up on the discord.
  5. Magnus


    Taking a players money is perfectly okay, as long as you don't do it by abusing the rules (ie. Glitch raiding, wall glitching, killing within safezone, etc.).
  6. Magnus


    Approved! - Please make a ticket on the discord and ask for me so we can get you set up. 😄
  7. Magnus

    Care Bears

    Lmfao, you're approved my friend. Interesting clan, can't wait to see what you guys do.
  8. Magnus


    Approved! - Please make a ticket on the discord and send all your clanmates discord names in the ticket so we can give everyone the roles.
  9. Approved! Please make a ticket on the discord. Ask for me and @ all of your clan mates in the ticket.
  10. Approved! Please make a ticket on the discord as I discussed with you before and we will get you all set up. 😄
  11. Hey there Ahmodka. You need to make a post so that everyone can see it. What you've done is just uploaded a word document.
  12. Approved with Blane, Gilje, and Avian as the new leaders!
  13. Approved! Clan setup being worked on.
  14. Approved - Please make a ticket on the discord with two things, @ me and then @ all of your clanmates
  15. At the bottom of your original post, there is an edit button, if you click that you can add the roster to the main post and edit whenever need be. It's easier that way so when others go to look at your post they don't have to scroll all the way down just to find out who's in the clan.
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