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  1. R Das

    Help us dress our trader.

    nice event! ... 😕
  2. R Das

    Help us dress our trader.

    Maybe not the gas mask, but swap out the helmet for the bear variant + black/bear pants (edit: old screenshot)
  3. Your In-Game Name RDas Your Discord Name RDas#6896 Date of the event 12/13/2019 Time of the event 0516 Which server did the event take place on MTAS Autumn Explain what happend Had a MSF-C case in my pants which held some canned food and a couple ropes, added some zombies, i then bandaged to stop bleeding. The case and all items inside vanished and could not be found. (unsure of the cost of the case so ruble value is estimate) Why do you feel that you deserve compensation for this incident? It seems to be a DayZ and/or server Glitch/bug Does the incident involve gear, vehicles or both? Gear Estimated value of lost items 6000 Provide an list of everything you lost? 1x MSF-C protector case, 1x Canned peaches, 1x Canned bacon, 2x Rope Provide video evidence to support your claim https://mylotheaveragesniper.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2019_12/DayZ_2019_12_12_-_15_16_03_02_DVR.mp4.f7a6d7dfd2ffc5462a2c13ecb371bb1e.mp4 Extra infomation Indecent happens between 0:25 & 0:45
  4. R Das

    Ubiquity | Clan Recruitment

    Name: Lachlan (R Das) Age: 18 DayZ Hours (Screenshot): Ventured off from Dayzsa in earlier years to arma 2 epoch then arma 3 exile hence showing those hours, combined 1358hrs. see screenshot below. Reason for wanting to join: Bored of lone wolfing, looking for more ppl to play w/ so I can be involved in and engage in larger attacks/raids and not sit in silience Previous Clans: N/A Vouches: N/A EDIT: I am Australian