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  1. Im in and will team with anyone
  2. Making building materials harder to get also screws the new players who want to set up bases, you have to think about it from both sides
  3. Unfortunately all Vehicles are highly unstable and have many issues including despawning, and are not being compensated.. although if you have any recordings of the gear it could be compensated.
  4. Again, if they decide to add it they will..but i wouldn't get your hopes up
  5. Welcome to the community mate!
  6. I believe that is the point of it being out of the way
  7. NoVehicleDamage was removed as it caused crashes on the server mate, this probably wont get added back anytime soon, though I have heard there is a new one but we haven't tested it yet
  8. Forgot to edit the last sentence of my post, and I know it's a suggestion but like I said it's still down to if they want it or not
  9. I like the idea of pre filled mags but at a higher price of say the cost of the empty mag...the ammo box and a little bit on top, although whether they want it is another story mate. As for the listing in traders it's already separated into categories so I see no need for that as it easier to find certain mags
  10. To quote mylo, So it will be coming but I imagine when it is more stable
  11. For those who do not know how to find their steam 64 ID, here is a short 2 step guide on how to do so! Step 1 :- go to your Steam profile page and copy the URL! Step 2 :- Head over to the webpage https://steamid.io/ and paste your profile link and hit lookup! And there we have it! your Steam 64 id ! Hope you found this usefull!
  12. Would suggest that all BBP builds be 5 walls high at maximum @Lewis
  13. No as it is a placeable object 2.7 | You are not allowed to use any placeable objects to boost over player base walls I.E: Cabinets, barrels, gardenboxes ETC. This rule extends to placing any objects regardless of reason while raiding another player's base. IE wire mesh barriers for cover or tents for storing items. (7 Day Ban & strip)
  14. Why when you can make them with 2 burlap strips and 1 netting
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