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  1. British Armed Forces AWM 338, designated L115A3 in more than just this colour would be great
  2. True I used to play Arma 2 and still play Arma 3 which all have cars in. However the server crashing while im flying or driving or moving stuff in boxes or in the middle of a fight is more annoying than not having cars - But I can see your point perhaps if we could get it down to a min of crashes with cars would be nice
  3. Will this include the Helis ?
  4. Yeah I like this idea otherwise the buildings get out of hand imo and realism goes totally out of the window
  5. Hey up peeps anyway we can get the https://dayz.gamepedia.com/M4-A1_MP_Handguard added to the trader as its a standard item - Would be really appreciated
  6. What as in additional to what has been said above or instead of ?
  7. After looking at the BreachingCharge1.0 config : Example: Concrete Wall "m_Name": "BBP_T3_Wall", "m_Health": -1, "m_acceptedChargeTypes": [ "HDSN_BreachingChargeHeavy" ] The Health Value could be changed to 2 under the "m_Health": -1, and then It should need two Heavy charges to take it down. However this would need to be tested
  8. As it stands Concrete is totally unraidable at mo so if you build it you cannot be raided - Also the mod actually states that Tier 1 and Tier 2 can be raided using Homemade and C4 - However concrete is not (This is how its intended) However he has also stated you can change this in the config if you like - So it is possible From the Breaching charge mod------ By default, Tier 1 (wood) BBP parts can be destroyed with the Homemade Breachingcharge. You need a Heavy Breachingcharge to destroy Tier 2 (metal) BBP parts. Tier 3 (concrete) BBP parts can not be destroyed. This can be adjusted in BreachingCharge1.0.json.
  9. How could it be abused just curious
  10. I agree with this eg 2 Heavys per Concrete perhaps or one Heavy one Normal
  11. I know that admins have informed me that it isnt working at the moment - Eg charges dont work on any walls - I have tested this on Summer 100% - If the Wall/Door is inside a structure they do not work. Can we get some sort of feedback as to when it is likely to be resolved Or perhaps a defo answer from an admin who has tested them to confirm they dont work as in discord there are many ppl saying it does work ? The other thing that would be helpful would be a confirmed issues page on here and Discord listing the main ones so we know not to keep asking the admins about confirmed isssues.
  12. Jabberwockeez Jabberwockeez is a clan on Summer Chernarus. We consist of international players, as long as you can communicate well in english you are welcome 🙂 When joining the clan you will be issued the "Fresh meat" rank which will be your starting rank until we decide otherwise Roster The Lonely Auzzie (Admin) Jops (Admin) SmokinLS3_Ash (Admin) ShadowMuppet (Orignal Gangstas) Topcat(Orignal Gangstas) Limble The Ruthless(Orignal Gangstas) Wanard (Member) C4rdZ (Member) Meltz (Member) Papabeastt (Member) SSkeeve666 (Member) to057ny (Member) Ulric (Member) Beau (Member) Zaphkiel Toxic (Fresh Meat) If interested in joining please leave a reply in this thread including the following: Age Location Steam link Discord Available hours
  13. Just seen ya new avatar on our discord, very cool. I might need to commision one for myself 🙂

    1. Scarlett


      He's so talented 🙂❤️❤️❤️ 

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