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  1. Here is a mod that can do it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707653948&searchtext=breath
  2. Ok so oil rig loot is crap 🙂 after many trips by multiple ppl the best loot you can hope for is plate carriers and Night vision and possibly a m14 - Now this on its own isnt bad i guess but when you have to swim over there and back it doesnt amount to be worth the effort. My suggestion would be to alter this and make them a tad bit better so its worth the swim eg possibly like paris island loot type
  3. Hey up so there airdrops really need to be changed as it stands now two of the airdrop places either end up in the drink 70% of the time or are so far out of the way they are almost impossible to get The Two being Island 11 - eg Area 42 - I have swam over to this island 7 times now and 6 out of 7 drops ended up in thr drink The Temple - The teleport isnt working anymore so its a 2.5km swim and it drops alot of the time in inaccessible places. My suggestion is to change them to: 1. Old town/Swamp 2. Paris Island area 3. Possibly Crotch island
  4. J has said he has already created a mod to sort it if needed
  5. Ok so just wondering if we can have the holding breath like we did before Exp Mod etc - More like 15-20 secs before you hyperventilate 😄
  6. Before Exp Mod and the wipes this wasnt to much of an issue as the drops had them in more frequently
  7. True I used to play Arma 2 and still play Arma 3 which all have cars in. However the server crashing while im flying or driving or moving stuff in boxes or in the middle of a fight is more annoying than not having cars - But I can see your point perhaps if we could get it down to a min of crashes with cars would be nice
  8. Yeah I like this idea otherwise the buildings get out of hand imo and realism goes totally out of the window
  9. Hey up peeps anyway we can get the https://dayz.gamepedia.com/M4-A1_MP_Handguard added to the trader as its a standard item - Would be really appreciated
  10. What as in additional to what has been said above or instead of ?
  11. After looking at the BreachingCharge1.0 config : Example: Concrete Wall "m_Name": "BBP_T3_Wall", "m_Health": -1, "m_acceptedChargeTypes": [ "HDSN_BreachingChargeHeavy" ] The Health Value could be changed to 2 under the "m_Health": -1, and then It should need two Heavy charges to take it down. However this would need to be tested
  12. As it stands Concrete is totally unraidable at mo so if you build it you cannot be raided - Also the mod actually states that Tier 1 and Tier 2 can be raided using Homemade and C4 - However concrete is not (This is how its intended) However he has also stated you can change this in the config if you like - So it is possible From the Breaching charge mod------ By default, Tier 1 (wood) BBP parts can be destroyed with the Homemade Breachingcharge. You need a Heavy Breachingcharge to destroy Tier 2 (metal) BBP parts. Tier 3 (concrete) BBP parts can not be destroyed. This can be adjusted
  13. How could it be abused just curious
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