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  1. Blau

    Compensation Requests - blackbadluck

    Accepted, Plate vest are despairing we ask you to sell them or use the one. Create a ticket once your on and post this URL and we will compensate the vest for you.
  2. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Powder

    Accepted,Please create a ticket with this link in.
  3. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Stryke

    approved, Please make a ticket with this comp request URL link in the ticket please.
  4. Well Blau, i hope all is going good and you are resting up. no one said this life was going to be easy and if everyone was the same it would be a dull world. always remember this. Love many and trust a few but always paddle your own canoe. We are all looking forward to hearing your voice on the server again for laughter is the best medicin and there is plenty of laughter for all when you are on. So i will sign off now and wait until i hear my big friend giving us all a good story. You look after yourself now and we will look after you when you come back to the server. Take care and God Bless.


  5. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Rmb50

    So i would be willing to give you a heavy charge & vest,hunting scope,high mag scope,2 ratniks, and osv. Accepted
  6. Blau


    Dennis accepted Welcome to the team
  7. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Moop

    Accepted,Normally we don't accept request of this issue. When you drive autos in high population in the sever. There are many issues with the autos and as stated in the disclaimer you use them at you on risk. Please create a ticket with this link in this so our team can assist you on this. However next time there most likely be any compensation due to dayz being buggy as it is. Thanks -MTAS team
  8. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Malfeitor-I-Windir

    denied duped request.
  9. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Malfeitor-I-Windir

    Denied,We don't compensate for autos. There is a disclaimer in the trader letting you know however if you can provide proof of what was in the auto we will be happy to help with that,
  10. Blau

    Compensation Requests - noCereals

    Accepted, Please create a ticket with this link in the ticket and we will get this taken care of.
  11. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Rmb50

    Hey my dude can you upload the video so i can see i can see a few of the items not all that is listed.
  12. Blau

    Compensation Requests - TuckerTurnt

    accepted,Please create a ticket with this URL in the link
  13. Blau

    Compensation Requests - TuckerTurnt

    Hey my dude so without video proof and we establish it as glitch raid I would only be able to help with about half of the loot. But please send me your picture and i would be gladly to help to the best i can.
  14. Blau

    Compensation Requests - ZhouTv23425764

    Accepted, However with out video I only able to give about half of the loot my dude. Go ahead and create a ticket with this request and ill help you out.
  15. Blau

    Compensation Requests - Queenshire