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  1. I haven't changed my name on server like in steam -name=jonnyboygamer17 or in parameters on Dayz jonnyboygamer17. I have just done it now but when I've played on deathmatch or any other modded server my name is usually jonnyboygamer17. Not sure how it is here though I guess you'd know better than me. 😄
  2. In-game Name jonnyboygamer17 Name of the player(s) you are reporting Date of the event 09/16/2019 Time of the event 5:30PM Uk time. Which platform did this event take place on MTAS Summer Who was involved in this event? Johnnyboy Please provide any available details regarding the event I was about 300m or less from being in Russian safe zone When I get silenced shot 1 tap and killed by the player. On the way to Trader, I saw 1 player on my right a few hundred meters away running fast for the trader and I flanked left to avoid him and ran up to the trader. I dunno if it was him or someone leaving trader or camping it?? Either way was a Scummy thing to do! I'm not salty about the loot but I ran from Nato trader and if I'd been killed on way or while I was cutting up a cow then no probs GG. But to be killed right outside trader come on thats just lame-ass player! Please add any available evidence I wasn't recording at the time but I see that I should as not everyone follows the rules!!
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