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  1. ApexNetwork

    Compensation Requests - DuckyTheLegend

    @DuckyTheLegend, Your compensation request has been accepted, please make a ticket in our discord and one of our admins will compensate you.
  2. ApexNetwork

    Hi Gamers

    Hello Mr. Roleplayer @Will, I hope you enjoy your stay mate if you have any questions lmk Make sure to read the rules 😎
  3. Our website has had a massive design change, permisisons have been fixed/amended, new donator perks, nodes have been moved and a lot more!

    1. Lewis


      Looks sexy mate!

  4. ApexNetwork

    Xbox one

    Hello Mattymodz, We do not operate any MTAS offical servers on any platform apart from PC.
  5. ApexNetwork

    Servers locked to 1st person?

    Hi @NIk321, We have had this discussion many times, we even implemented a 3PP for testing purposes, but it didn't get a lot of traction and we found a lot of players abusing the 3PP mechanics. @MyloTheAverageSniper has also stated that he does not feel it is necessary and can be used as an advantage against people who main FPP in different situations. Therefore, we decided against using 3PP, in the future we may reconsider this but no promises sadly.
  6. ApexNetwork

    Can't join the server

    If you go to this link: https://discord.gg/nhTAsz Then open a ticket and link this thread one of our staff team will investigate this issue for you.
  7. ApexNetwork

    Can't join the server

    Hi Myx, We have a VPN module that is always enabled, it appears you are using a VPN or proxy to mask your real IP Address. If you open a ticket on our discord, we can investigate this further if you are not using a VPN or proxy.
  8. ApexNetwork

    Compensation Requests - PistachioFiend

    @PistachioFiend, You didn't reply in time, therefore this ticket has been locked and closed. If you would like to re-open this compensation request I highly recommned you keep up-to-date with your form(s). Denied.
  9. ApexNetwork

    Struggling to access server

    Trying following this guide:
  10. Compensation request accepted, please make a ticket in our discord and one of our admins will compensate you.
  11. Hi @Mad Mike, If you can kindly send over the video evidence to me that would be appreciated. You can either DM me on here or discord.
  12. ApexNetwork

    Compensation Requests - Kratos

    Hi @Kratos, Sadly, it seems the video evidence you've provided has corrupted. If possible, could you upload it to YouTube or another video distribution platform so we can review your case.
  13. ApexNetwork

    Halloween Event!

    Brilliant idea! Good luck everyone!
  14. ApexNetwork

    Compensation Requests - Crocodoc

    @Crocodoc, I've looked through our server logs and remote logs and all I can find at 12:31 is your connection to our server: 12:31:40 | Player "Crocodoc" is connected And nothing after that. Are you sure you got the times right?
  15. ApexNetwork

    Staff Meeting

    Staff meeting confirmed for Sunday 9PM | 25/08/2019 if you can't make it let any senior staff+ know.