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    Weekly Guess the Number Event Guess a number between 1 & 1500 A Number generator will be rolled and that will decide the winning number Closest Guess wins 2 Bitcoins and one gold coin IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER EXACTLY THE PRIZE IS 3 Bitcoins and one gold coin IF TWO PEOPLE DRAW THE SAME NUMBER A NAME PICKER WILL BE SPUN AND WILL DECIDE THE WINNER. These events are run weekly from Friday to Sunday 9:30pm, entry will close at 9pm and the last weekend of every month there will be a larger prize draw. Goodluck. THE WINNER WILL BE PICKED 9:30PM GMT+1 (British Summer Time) on Sunday 20/09/20 GOODLUCK! To enter all you have to do is comment below Your: In-game Name: Discord Tag: e.g lewis#0001 Number (that you are guessing): Rules If you fail to use the format above you may be Disqualified from the event. You may not guess more than once (Disqualification) Nothing but guesses are to be commented down below (Disqualification) You Must sign up as a member to enter!
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