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    DayZ Missions Update Hello everyone, Today I have a big announcement for the PVP and PVE players. After a lot of time, work and research, I have fully implemented missions on the MTAS Playground Servers. These missions are fully server side, meaning no mods are needed to be downloaded or used to see them. A missions will be available around about every hour. Much like Airdrops, these missions will be available for every player on the server, not specific to yourself. In order to gain access to mission announcements, you need some form of radio tuned in to frequency 99.7, turned on, inside your inventory. Now, while the missions will be left a mystery they consist of a notification of a location you need to get to, something you need to find in that area, a task to complete with the area and sometimes a location or second part to the mission you need to complete. Keep in mind, every person on the frequency will get the same mission, and will receive notification of when someone completes a part of the mission. Currently there are 10 different missions, but 350 different variations of those missions. While this is working very well on my tests, it is still in alpha and will need to be tested and built upon. I hope you guys enjoy these missions and all feedback is welcome πŸ˜„ Remember to keep a radio on you, on 99.7 at all times to get mission announcements πŸ˜„ (Currently not on Livonia, but will be soon) Additional Notes You can now write on paper using pens to make notes, these notes are persistent and can be read by other players. Please be aware miss-using notes can and will result in a ban. All notes, user and message are logged server side permanently.
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    The Smilies " Be kind or smile for the flash. " OUR MISSION : The Smilies is a group of players, surviving and thriving within the realms of Chernarus. We are a close knit family, that will always have each others backs. our operations consist of: military runs, construction, providing backup to players in need whether its new players or a friendly group in need, or just playing the beautiful game. we have friends all across the server, and always welcome more. we are located on MTAS AUTUMN Current Members : Founder: 🍡Baroncito (retired) Retired Leaders: Phase Mother LEADERS: [πŸ™‚] Gilje [πŸ™‚] Blane [πŸ™‚] Avian [ 2nd in command ] VETERANS/OFFICERS: [πŸ™‚] MaReX [πŸ™‚] WarDonkey556 [πŸ™‚] Haszie [πŸ™‚] billygrippo (HOOOOORE) [πŸ™‚] Husky REGULARS: [πŸ™‚] Apex_Hunter93 [πŸ™‚] dotEXCEL [πŸ™‚] Sparky [πŸ™‚] Standly [πŸ™‚] SenPai [πŸ™‚] Kingmadafaka β—‹ RECRUITMENT IS CLOSED. β—‹ Please comment your full Discord name down below if you are interested, we will get into contact with you. ➼ Requirements : β€£ Must be able to speak English clearly and have a quality mic. β€£ Be well coordinated and listen to call outs. β€£ Active MTAS member. β€£ Must be 17+ CURRENT ALLIES : Slav Kings Founder: Baroncito Interviewers: Blane - Gilje
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    Aside from me being bad at this game and voting no, my concern with its removal is it raises the barrier of entry for newer DayZ players. I get the desire for a more realistic experience, but most people generally do play games as a form of relaxation.
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    Just did the Weed mission 10/10 haha
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    Thanks mate πŸ˜„
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    Great Job mate, Really like the look of this.
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    Nice one mate sounds awesome!!!! good job!
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    ---- WE ARE ---- *THE RAIDERS ARENA* (T.R.A) We are change the concept of games To be part of this change:- ⦁ Age above 18 . ⦁ Have a mic . ⦁ Do not blame anyone anyway. ⦁ Respect all members . ⦁ Active player in the server and with the team . . . . . . .THE RAIDERS ARENA. . . . . . . ----*【𝐓𝐑𝐀】Founder *---- TRA-Ahmodka ----* 【𝐓𝐑𝐀】CO Founder *---- TRA-Aljowker TRA-xThe1HunTer ----* 【𝐓𝐑𝐀】Manager *----- TRA-Tarekov ----* 【𝐓𝐑𝐀】Editors *----- TRA-Yasinovski ----* 【𝐓𝐑𝐀】Members *---- TRA-Jeicey TRA-Saus TRA-Straizer TRA-ReDMoon TRA-TheDarkCobra TRA-Bertuss TRA-Kaolo Revolver TRA-FzA TRA-VitaminXS Ushhh........... TRA is coming TRA.docx
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    Hi, I"ve been playing on the servers for some time now and been on most of them (all except atumn chernarus) What I thought might benefit having on the servers is the following: - fix prices of AWP and M24, M24 is a superior rifle to AWP in terms of ammunition used, so either reduce the price of AWP since with this mod unrealistically it uses .308 ammunition and M24A3 is using .338 lapua magnum ammunition when it should be other way around - fix airdrops on Livonia, it seems they are based on chernarus map so most of them drop in the spawn areas - make gloves and boots indestructible, if gloves being indestructible is too op then just limit it onto boots, since its very stupid they wear so fast when climbing walls, structures and in general running + zombies adore hitting boots which is a bug in term and really annoying when your boots break and you walk around and get a cut every 3 steps
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    So i would be willing to give you a heavy charge & vest,hunting scope,high mag scope,2 ratniks, and osv. Accepted
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    Lewisβœ“α΅›α΅‰Κ³αΆ¦αΆ αΆ¦α΅‰α΅ˆ#0672
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    couldnt delete my post found a clan on winter server
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    The Final Lap: This game consists of: Teams of 4 1 car per team. The story to the event is that people are trying to escape the clutches of the zombie infestation. There is a place (NORTH WEST AIRFIELD) that everyone has heard about that is full of weapons. There are rumors of a scientist hidden somewhere around the map. The players must find this scientist in order to create and antidote to protect them from the infection. Players will drive from a start position and race to find loot, there is a desirable section for loot (north west airfield) but also random airdrops and helicopter crashes around the map that may be safer. The players will search for gear and fight to collect the scientist and must protect him from a team of pro zombie apocalypse warriors and other survivors return to the start of the race to save and extract him. They must transport him across the map to the extraction site with ALL LIVING TEAM MEMBERS. TEAM KILLING IS NOT ALLOWED. The scientist can die, in the event of this a secret stash of antidote is revealed to all players. Where they can race to it to save themselves but there is only 3 antidotes so one player will lose out on the prize. POTENTIAL REWARDS FOR WINNING SCENARIOS: Scientist: 100k Rubbles for each player Antidote: 75k Rubbles for each player Last standing: 50k Rubbles For each player Desired players would be 60 so you can have 1 scientist - Equipped 3 warriors - Equipped with juggernaut Armour and can appear anywhere but cant be camping the scientist and drive a Humvee. 56 players Teams of 4 = 14 teams. - Driving an Olga. Please let me know your thoughts. -Quav
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    I think it's a good idea on the realism side since you shouldn't be able to know exactly where are you aimin when hip firing and will be helpful in the inmersiΓ³n. I vote a solid yes xD