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    EIRESAM and The193Bandit signing up EIRESAM#3355 The193bandit#2417 In Game Name: EIRESAM, The193bandit.
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    Remington MSR Silenced .338LM Sniper rifle as a replacement for the old M24A3 we had
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    2vs2 Arena Event 9pm GMT/16 May Event information: This event will be hosted on the MTAS Playground Winter server. Like the previous Siege-Inspired event this one will also be held in an arena all be it a different one. Duos of players will be going up against each other in 2vs2 matches with the winning duo advancing further in the tournament. The total amount of players participating in the tournament is capped 16 thus allowing a maximum of 7 matches to be played. If more than 16 people sign up a few stand-ins will be chosen. Requirements: Four teams of 2 players. NO GEAR REQUIRED. If you play on the winter server there will be a locker room for you to store your stuff in. How to sign up: Sign up as a duo or as a solo player by replying to this forum post with your discord username and # tag and in-game name. Note that if you are signing up as a duo both of you will have to reply to this forum post and state that you are teaming up with the other person. Players who signed up but didn't get to participate in the previous event will be prioritised, the opposite goes for the players who did get to participate. The players that aren't affected by this will be chosen randomly. If these two groups don't fill out the player count the non-prioritised players will be chosen randomly. Prize pool: 1st place: 750k 2nd place: 250k You can redeem the price on whichever server you wish! Rules: 1. No teamkilling 2. No cheating in terms of grabbing more ammo/meds than you are allowed to, this could lead to you being disqualified from the event. 3. If you sit in one spot for 2 minutes or more without a considerably good reason a toxic gas grenade will be dropped at your feet. Rules may be added/removed but any rules that are in place at the time of the event will be clarified for the participants before the event. Sign-ups end at 7pm GMT on Saturday.
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    Howdy folks! I haven't played DayZ in about 4 or 5 years but then I recently came across a Youtube gameplay that featured a MTAS server and I got the itch to play again. I've been playing the last few days on the Autumn server and loving it so far. See ya around!
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    Gilje and wardonkey, signing up Gilje#4648 teaming with Wardonkey
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    it's too easy to buy the materials at the trade ( in particulate the cement mix and the mortar mix) you can build a huge t3 base in almost two days and then if you can buy the cement mix in the trader the building airdrop is completely useless maybe you should remove the cement mix and the mortar mix from the trades
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    I'd like to be there 🙂 Discord name is Zirak#2006 and my IGN is Zirak
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    You should have that info now. And regarding scrambled teams, booooo;) Whatever you guys decide mate:)
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    Group of 2-3, In Game Name: EIRESAM Discord: EIRESAM#3355
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    Solo IGN: Stef Discord: Stef#6504
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    Jaxster1234#2366 ingame:Jaxster1234 solo
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    Messiah#3316 - Messiah in game. Sign me up
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    The smilies will sign up with 5 player. Gilje - Gilje #4648 Wardonkey556 - wardonkey #3032 Kkron - KKRON #5899 Solhof - Solhof #5593 Mobius - Mobius#2996
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    solo MarkusPiirits IGN Markus Piirits#6967 on discord
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    count me in, Sergie.#6205 and my in game name is Sergie.
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    In game: Six Discord: Hypna#8795
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    We've got either a group of two or three who would be down. Most likely two. (You know my info lol)
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    i want to come, name mutum in game, mutum#6969 on discord
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    its annoying to drive around in a blue car with red doors for example.. this should be possible. or make it that the cars spawn with the right colored parts.
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    Hi mate, I personally really like this idea and will bring it up at the next staff meeting. Thanks,
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    There is a huge pile of wrong in the weapons and items . Seems that we should wait for the MTAS weapons/items pack that they are working on, and hope that it will be more consistent and realistic . I think its fine if they put the time in it, instead of the temporal fixes, plus some of fixes are problematic because of different mods the items come from .
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    British Armed Forces AWM 338, designated L115A3 in more than just this colour would be great
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    Hi, I"ve been playing on the servers for some time now and been on most of them (all except atumn chernarus) What I thought might benefit having on the servers is the following: - fix prices of AWP and M24, M24 is a superior rifle to AWP in terms of ammunition used, so either reduce the price of AWP since with this mod unrealistically it uses .308 ammunition and M24A3 is using .338 lapua magnum ammunition when it should be other way around - fix airdrops on Livonia, it seems they are based on chernarus map so most of them drop in the spawn areas - make gloves and boots indestructible, if gloves being indestructible is too op then just limit it onto boots, since its very stupid they wear so fast when climbing walls, structures and in general running + zombies adore hitting boots which is a bug in term and really annoying when your boots break and you walk around and get a cut every 3 steps
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    did you get a lift, I have to know? 🤣