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    Hello everyone As alot of you know, I have been working on my own modpack for quite a while now The modpack has been on the server since the wipe and people seem to be enjoying it. But today I am releasing the first real update for the mod pack, below is information on the update and changes. Before I get into it, if you would be so kind please visit the mod page and give it a thumbs up a favourite and a nice comment, thank you 🙂 Mod Workshop Link Human AI Human AI bandits have been added to Skalisty Island. They are highly trained, well equip and very deadly. They hold alot of good gear ranging from the best ammo, to the new keycard. They equipt with full NBC, low to high tier armour and russian weaponry. These AI patrol the area and will kill anyone and anything in sight. Keycard Bunker A new bunker has appeared off the coast of Skalisty, this bunker is locked and the only way to enter is via a keycard found only on the bodies of the AI. This bunker is a Tier 5 location and spawns the best of the best loot in the game. Be aware, that once the door is opened it will stay open until server restart. Loot respawns after 4 hours inside the bunker. Dynamic Helicopter Crashes Dynamic helicopter crashes are now live on the servers. This replaced the vanilla helicopter crash system. The way this works is that helicopter will fly around the map (around 1 an hour) And will explode in the sky, smoke out, spin around and fall to the ground where they will drop alot of high tier loot. There are MI-8 Russian Helicopters and UH1Y helicopters. The MI-8 spawns russian gear and the UH1Y spawns nato gear. Various Additions New base building crates with 10x100 slots. They can only hold what they display onthem (weapons, attachments or magazines and ammo) New backpacks, Military Mountain, Combat Camel, Alice Bag, Attack 3, Ultra Camper and more Flipping Ironsights have been added to all guns that should have ironsights (LVOA-C, DBR-15, AMB-17 and more) Modded guns that use vanilla magazines now show the magazine being loaded correctly All helmets now have proper armour values Added signs to trader buildings Russian Traders have been replaced with props for server performance (currently location and rotation are off) Weapon durability is fixed increased backpack durability to not ruin as quickly when shot Barret Textures have been entirely redone Types.xml has been redone Trader updates and reworks NEAF is a Tier 3 Military Location Airdrop Config Has been entirely redone from scratch by @Mobius Added Bitcoin Added Broken Phone Added Shemaghs in many different colours and camos NBC Gear has been buffed so it doesn't ruin as quickly when shot Added Golden Clock Added Car raid tool Added new cassettes Added Tourniquet (Can heal all your bleeds in 1 use) Added tranexamic pills (heals bleeds without needing to bandage animation) Honey Badger and 300AAC ammo have been added New helicopter UH1H and UH1Y Armoured Modular Belt System has been added with multiple different pouch sizes, camos, armour sizes and variations. SVCH DMR has been added AK54 has been added AX50 now takes the M82 Suppressor Suppressed 50cal now has a custom sounds M200 sound should be fixed Added P226 New weapons case for carrying large guns easily New 556 suppresor New billboards have been placed on the bridge to Skalisty New props have been added to skalisty, custom shelves, barrels and more New full set of custom clothing Ratnik gear Fixed Admin gear New gold shader for golden items Yet again, this has taken me a long time and alot of money to do. I would really appreciate a thumbs up a favourite and a nice comment on the steam mod page 😁 Mod Workshop Page Of course, with anything there will be new issues and stuff that will need to be fixed. Any issues, queries, suggestions or anything else, don't hesitate to shoot me a message on Discord 🙂
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    Hi, i have been playing on the MTAS server for most of my DayZ playing career. It is not a long career but out of the little 52 hours i got i have around 49 of them on the MTAs server. For me and looking at youtubers playing the game i was hoping to see some of the mods i though looked good and fun to have and one of them is DayZ Expansion: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2116151222 Yes this is a mod that do give many other option but i am more of adding it for the party system. as people i have asked about it give mixed opinions. Some say its nice to have for the new players and not hurting the game and for some is against as they think it ruins the experience. For me i would love too see this. For the team that i have found and playing with for so many hours, having a party mod would be a fantastic point to help us step up game and too push us to have more fun. Yes for fighting a team i can see how some dont like a party mod as it easly tells you if you need to shoot that guy for not. But for me it will only give more fun and create better battles. Instead of having many playing not shooting and hiding as they need to communicate for 5 min to see if its a friendly or not. Having the party mod can make player take more fight as they know were team is and not and create better strategies for fighting teams or bases. The second mod i want to add and think would be fun to have is CannabisPlus: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1932611410 This is a drug mod that lets you find packets with drug seeds. you can create bricks of drugs and sel them for money. For me this can be a high risk high reward operation with seller not having a safe zone aswell. This will have people bringing big bases and almost do a cartel type of style to the server. It will be a fun way to maby role play for some people and a way to do a high risk high reward operation on the server. Hope to see some replies of pros and cons from the community too see what people think and any diffrent ides or mods that have same effect but might be a better option 🙂
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    In game name nighthawk discord nighthawk130#0479
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