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    Hey up so there airdrops really need to be changed as it stands now two of the airdrop places either end up in the drink 70% of the time or are so far out of the way they are almost impossible to get The Two being Island 11 - eg Area 42 - I have swam over to this island 7 times now and 6 out of 7 drops ended up in thr drink The Temple - The teleport isnt working anymore so its a 2.5km swim and it drops alot of the time in inaccessible places. My suggestion is to change them to: 1. Old town/Swamp 2. Paris Island area 3. Possibly Crotch island
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    Hi there, I know previously that this mod or similar party mods were not favorable as "As a community we have decided against the use of mods like PartyMe as they ruin immersion and make running in teams super easy and give lone players a massive disadvantage." - Mylo's response to a post from 2019. The general opinion of party mods hasn't changed much since then as it detaches from the realism aspects DayZ provides. However, Thank you for taking the time to suggest a mod for us.
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    This was a Bohemia change, so I'm not sure if we're even in control of this to be honest with you. I will ask about it for you though.
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    Here is a mod that can do it https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707653948&searchtext=breath
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    ign zac discord Maybe zac#9736 number 517
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    I think not having the cement mix and morter mix in the traders is actually very nice. i think it gives base building a better flow and progression than it was pre wipe where everyone just skips t2 stright to t3 with multible airlocks making bases super hard to raid. was wondering what people think about the t3 mix's not coming back to the traders and contining to be airdrop and rare industrial spawns.
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    We made them widely available so that everyone could try the new Altyn before the wipe, which will be in the coming days.
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    This has already been disupted and the rule was changed if you would like to check Scarletts post in the minor updates section of the discord. Making it so that no window can be enetered through would remove quite a lot of innovative raiding techniques, for example, this building in Novaya Petrovka. You are proposing that you cannot enter either section of this window, when in fact, the rules state that you can enter through the area I have circled in red, but you can not enter in the area I have circled in blue. The system is in place to keep things realistic. The staff team are well educated enough to know what "bars" ̶m̶e̶a̶n̶ are.
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    joining with archie#2606 and maybe zac#9736 if theres room
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    Sergie. Sergie.#6205 1499
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    moffman , rdmandy#2286 see you there 🙂
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    Chernarus Convoy Event 21/7-2020 Information A convoy will be departing from a eastern part of the map at 19:00PM GMT+1 (British Summer Time). This convoy will travel along a pre-planned route along which players are free to ambush the convoy and steal what it's transporting. A group of survivors who have been causing chaos in the Chernarus region ever since the outbreak are planning on leaving the region alltogether. Their convoy will be following a planned route starting at their HQ in Berezino taking them all the way to Tri-Kresta where the mercenaries will leave the region of Southern Zagoria. The convoy will stop to refuel at the gas station in Severograd which could be utilized as an ambush point. Your goal is to intercept the convoy before it can accomplish this. Rules You are not allowed to block any roads with vehicles or any objects that will disrupt the convoy. You are also not allowed to intercept the convoy in the starting town of Berezino. Rewards The convoy is transporting 4 Heavy Breachingcharges. Route
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