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  2. Clan Application Approved: Hello Woahdees your clan application has been accepted please make a ticket on the discord and ask for me within the ticket so I can get you set up my friend . 👍 - Sincerely Overlone wolf
  3. Shadow Clan(SC) Leader- Woahdees SGT@Arms- Roleplayer69 SGT@Arms- Urinalcakes25 Craftsman- Nectur Driver- RottenBrit Epiic_batkiller Server: Deerisle Requirements to join: •Be able to work as a team •Not a cry baby we are adults •good at PVP, May also be good at building in its place as we are always building. •Not a money whore •understand that dying is dying you can always get ur gear back and it’s just a game. •You will roll with the clan under a different color armband to let us know the new guys. Minimum 2 game sessions with the clan. After that there will be a vote casted, call it a prospecting period. I ran a 40 man clan on my last server, I am very adverse in building clans and major dynasties. We look forward to hearing from all applicants. Msg woahdees - SCL Woahdees We are a friendly clan and are willing to help others. We will act aggressively to those who pose a threat. Spilling clan secrets is an automatic kick and black list.
  4. Age : 17 location : England time zone : BST play style : Passive aggressive Discord : Luke Capicchioni#3672 IGN : Jobbas
  5. Discord: Parth#9803 Ingame Name: PeterSkin Team With: Blingblingboy51
  6. in game name blingblingboy discord blingblingboy51#7419 team with peterskin
  7. IGN: Stryke Discord: Stryke#5438 Teammate IGN: brendan1 Teammate Discord: brendan1#1018
  8. Mr Fox MrFox#6785 teammate zeda ZeDa#9033
  9. Solhof Solhof#5593 Teaming : Zirak Zirak#2006
  10. In Game Name: eoinod2010 Discord: eoinod2010#7875 Teaming with EIRESAM
  11. ign Markus Discord Markus Piirits#6967
  12. Oliver Oliver#2017 teammate Sergie Sergie.#6205
  13. In Game Name: EIRESAM Discord: EIRESAM#3355 Teaming with eoinod2010
  14. 2vs2 Gunfight Tournament 19:00 BST 15/8 Information The rewards for this event will be redeemable on all servers, although it will be hosted on the DeerIsle server. In this tournament-style event multiple duos will fight each other on a custom built arena. With each game a team will be eliminated from the tournament and another one will advance until one team stands victorious in the grand final. The gearsets for the event will be identical for both duos in each match to combat any balancing issues. Said gearsets will be provided by attending admins meaning that no gear will be required for the event. Prize Pool 1st place: 1 000 000 Roubles 2nd place: 250 000 Roubles 3rd place: 125 000 Roubles How to sign up Sign up to participate in this event by replying to this forum post with your in-game name along with your discord username and #tag. Only sign up for this Event if you are sure that you will be able to attend it. A maximum of 16 players will be participating in the event, although if there are more signups a few people will be selected as standins. Sign up as either a duo or solo, if you want to sign up as a duo please put your details in the reply as well as your teammate's. The earlier you sign up the better. Patrons of the Bandit tier and above are prioritized with this event. We hope to see you on Saturday!
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  16. Trebuchet A medieval siege engine designed to smash through walls by flinging a heavy stone through the air using a counterweight energy transference system. Unless the survivors of the apolcalypse get their act together, only limited resources exist and they will eventually run out of conventional explosives to bring down walls. The Trebuchet would fit in to such a world with dwindling resources. https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/trebuchet-60f2ce7e857d4ae48131ab0b9c46d961
  17. AS Val! Because who doesn't like As Val. https://www.cgtrader.com/3d-models/military/gun/as-val-9167f9e3-447b-4705-9e33-7474d51e2fb5
  18. Weekly Guess the Number Event Guess a number between 1 & 1500 A Number generator will be rolled and that will decide the winning number Closest Guess wins 2 Bitcoins and one gold coin IF YOU GUESS THE NUMBER EXACTLY THE PRIZE IS 3 Bitcoins and one gold coin IF TWO PEOPLE DRAW THE SAME NUMBER A NAME PICKER WILL BE SPUN AND WILL DECIDE THE WINNER. These events are run weekly from friday to Sunday 9:30pm, entry will close at 9pm and the last weekend of every month there will be a larger prize draw. Goodluck. THE WINNER WILL BE PICKED 9:30PM GMT+1 (British Summer Time) on Sunday 9/08/20 GOODLUCK!!! To enter all you have to do is comment below Your: In-game Name: Discord Tag: e.g lewis#0001 Number (that you are guessing): Rules If you fail to use the format above you may be Disqualified from the event. You may not guess more than once (Disqualification) Nothing but guesses are to be commented down below (Disqualification) You Must sign up as a member to enter!
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